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Create your future with a clear & powerful document of where you'll be in three years

What is a Vivid Vision?

Inspired by Cameron Herold's book Vivid Vision: A Remarkable Tool For Aligning Your Business Around a Shared Vision of the Future, a Vivid Vision is a powerful document that looks 3 years into the future of what you want your life to look like (in all areas).

A Vivid Vision helps you see more clearly, captures the essence of your unique journey, and is a living embodiment of your future success. It's more than goal-setting, it's a dynamic creation that breathes life into your vision, ensuring every step you take is aligned with who you are and propels you towards your greatest potential.

Rob Cressy's Vivid Vision (Example)

rob cressy vivid vision - how i feel
rob cressy vivid vision - exploration

Introducing the Vivid Vision Canvas Process

Creating your Vivid Vision is like painting your future. You have a blank canvas where you can add a detailed and colorful picture of your future goals & aspirations.

Step 1: Vivid Vision Brainstorm

The goal of this step is to take what's in your head for your 3 year vision and write it down. Go Big. Dream. Think holistically in all areas of your life. Lean into how it will feel, not how it will happen. Don't edit yourself.

Questions/prompts you can ask yourself:

  • I want you to look 3 years into the future as if it's already happened, paint a picture of what that looks like.
  • When you look 3 years into the future, the person you see reflected in the mirror should be a person who spent three dedicated years waiting for that very day. Who is that person?
  • "If you had one extra day a week, how would you love to spend it?"'

Step 2: Category Creation

Create 5 to 7 comprehensive categories that holistically encompasses your aspirations for the future.

For example: Family, Happiness & Love, Well Being, Wealth & Finance, Professional Life, Personal Growth, How I Feel

Step 3: Expansion Session

Now it's time to expand on your ideas, and organize them in the appropriate life categories. This step will create even more clarity as you'll begin to see your vision coming to life.

Step 4: Distillation

You want every word of your Vivid Vision document to matter & mean something so now it's time to do some editing & copywriting. Where can you infuse more heart? Where is the more power accessible for you? Where are there overlapping themes that can be combined into something even greater?

Step 5: Images

Let's add a visual component to your Vivid Vision by including images for each category. My recommendation is 2 or 3 for each one, and the more personal the connection to the image the better.

Once your images are selected we'll put them into a design template to really bring your Vivid Vision to life.

Step 6: Launch

Now it's time to celebrate! The vision you have of what the next 3 years of your life will look like is in a document and has come to life.

Step 7: What's Next?

Actually living your Vivid Vision is where the real gold is at. From creating a daily consistency practice, to sending it to others to enroll them in your vision. This is where you start to see the real power happen.

Trying To Decide If Our Vivid Vision Canvas Service Is For You?

Who is this for specifically?

The Vivid Vision Canvas is a transformative tool designed for visionary entrepreneurs and conscious leaders. This is not just a document, it's a powerful tapestry of your deepest aspirations, a living embodiment of your future success. Created to capture the essence of your unique journey, the Vivid Vision Canvas blends strategic planning with emotional resonance, infusing your goals with energy, passion, and clarity.

Who should not buy this?

If you don't have the time or energy to commit to creating your vision, or you are not willing to invest in your personal vision, this is probably not for you.

The Vivid Vision Canvas is a guide for both personal and professional growth. It's a living document that grows and evolves with you, and is designed to have a lasting impact. It's a reflection of your innermost self and is a declaration of your intentions to the universe.

Rob Cressy

A Message From Rob Cressy

Creating my Vivid Vision was the best thing in did in 2023. Once the document was complete I felt proud, inspired, and excited about my plan for the future.

But it almost didn't happen. I had read the Vivid Vision book once and really vibed with it. Then life got in the way and I didn't take action on the steps from the book.

Success leaves breadcrumbs and I knew this was one of them. I wasn't willing to just put this on the shelf.

So I re-read Cameron Herold's book a second time with the 100% commitment to taking action on every step towards creating my Vivid Vision.

As a parent with a 2 year old son, this ended up taking me several months but eventually I created the time & space and made it happen.

I understand what it's like to live a full life and I also know what it's like to have your Vivid Vision document complete.

I created this Vivid Vision Canvas Process to help you speed up your process, and not have to make the same mistakes I did.

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