Time Mastery: Creating An Abundant Relationship To Time

“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.'” — Lao Tzu

One of the biggest challenges many people face is their relationship with time. It often feels like time is slipping away, and there’s never enough of it to accomplish everything on our to-do lists. This sense of lack can lead to overwhelming stress and guilt. But what if you could change that narrative? By understanding and implementing the Four Phases of Time Mastery, you can shift from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance, ultimately creating a more harmonious and productive relationship with time. Here’s how you can transform your perception of time and embrace its full potential.

Key Takeaways

  1. Living in Lack: Most people, including myself for a long time, believe they don’t have enough time. This mindset of scarcity leads to feelings of being overwhelmed and constantly busy.
  2. Shifting the Narrative to Abundance: By simply changing the way we talk about time, from “I don’t have enough time” to “I always have more than enough time to get everything done,” we shift our mindset from scarcity to abundance.
  3. Seeing Time as a Blessing: Recognizing all the blessings that time allows us to experience every day can transform our relationship with time.
  4. Dancing with Time: Embracing time in all its forms—both good and challenging—allows us to dance with time, creating a harmonious and joyful life experience.

4 Phases of Time Mastery

Time Mastery Phase 1: Living in Lack

Many people start their journey with time mastery in a state of lack. You might find yourself constantly saying, “I’m busy,” “I’ll get to it someday,” or “I’m overwhelmed.” This mindset creates a perception that there’s never enough time to accomplish everything on your to-do list. Recognizing this mindset is the first step toward changing your relationship with time. Understand that this scarcity mindset is common, but it’s also something you can shift away from.

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Time Mastery Phase 2: Shifting the Narrative to Abundance

The next phase involves changing how you talk about time. Instead of saying “I don’t have enough time,” start telling yourself “I always have more than enough time to get everything done.” This simple shift in language can transform your perception of time from one of scarcity to one of abundance. By adopting this new narrative, you’ll find that you can focus more on what you can accomplish rather than what you can’t, leading to a more productive and fulfilling life.

Time Mastery Phase 3: Seeing Time as a Blessing

Begin to see time as a blessing. Take a moment to list all the ways time enhances your life—spending quality moments with family, pursuing hobbies, working on your passion projects, and more. By focusing on these blessings, you can open your eyes to the abundance that time brings every day. This exercise will help you embrace a new, positive relationship with time, allowing you to appreciate every moment more fully.

Time Mastery Phase 4: Dancing with Time

The most advanced phase is learning to dance with time. This means embracing time in all its forms—both the good and the challenging. Instead of feeling frustrated when things don’t go as planned, imagine yourself dancing with time, adapting to its rhythm. This approach helps you maintain a positive lens, regardless of the circumstances. By dancing with time, you can create a harmonious and joyful life experience, appreciating every moment as it comes.

Next Steps

Audit your relationship with time. Where are you on the spectrum of time mastery? Are you living in lack, always feeling there isn’t enough time? Or have you started to see the abundance and blessings that time offers? Maybe you’re ready to dance with time, embracing it fully and joyfully. Take a moment today to reflect and make a conscious choice to change your narrative, see the blessings, and dance with time. By doing so, you’ll unlock the power of time mastery in your life.

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