Achieve Your Goals with the Redeem Team’s Consistency Strategy

Do you have the consistency to win a Gold Medal in the Olympics? In this episode of Best Year Ever, Rob Cressy is inspired by The Redeem Team documentary on Netflix, and shares how the key to creating all the success and results you want in your life is very simple. It all comes down to the Power of Consistency.

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Top 10 best nuggets of wisdom from this podcast episode:

  1. Consistency is key to achieving your goals, just like it was for the Redeem Team, when they won a gold medal in the Olympics.
  2. Plant seeds of your desired outcome in your vision by regularly seeing a representation of it, such as a picture of a gold medal.
  3. Increase your awareness through consistent, daily reminders of your goal.
  4. Small actions done consistently can create big results over time.
  5. Use the power of consistency in as many areas of your life as you want to achieve multiple goals.
  6. Consistency can be easy, it’s just about showing up every day.
  7. Audit your own consistency and identify areas where you can improve.
  8. The power of consistency is also the power of intention and awareness.
  9. Consistency can be applied to both short-term and long-term goals.
  10. Embrace the idea of a daily drip towards your goal and watch it compound over time.

Transcription of the podcast:

(note: what follows is an AI-generated transcript from this video. Please be mindful that the transcript may not be 100% accurate)

Do you have the consistency to win a gold medal in the Olympics? And do you realize that it is much easier than you think? So last night I’m watching the Redeem Team documentary on Netflix, and there’s a scene where Coach K goes to the team, and this is years before the Olympics, let’s call it two years before the Olympic.

He goes to the team and he gives all of them a binder. And on the very first page is a picture of a gold medal, and what he says is, I want you to look at this picture every single day. Why is he doing this? To plant seeds in their vision? Because he knows, yeah, two years from now, we’re gonna be playing in the gold medal game.

But I want my team every single day to get a drip of gold medal. Gold medal, gold medal. Everything they do, they see gold medal, gold medal, and it can be so simple as just seeing a picture of a gold medal every single day. So what’s the lesson in all of this? Well, if this can work for the USA basketball team and helping them win a gold medal, and these are the highest performers in the world, the people that we cheer on and we aspire to do things like, can’t that same process work for us?

The answer is 100%, yes. So ask yourself, what is the gold medal in your life right now that you want more than anything? Now that you’ve got that, ask yourself, what is your consistency process so that you get a daily drip of that thing you want in your vision? If you don’t have something, ding, ding, ding.

This is the opportu. Because high performance and success in achieving our visions doesn’t have to be hard. It can be super easy as coach, As Coach K is showing us. Instead, it is about the power of consistency and showing up every single day. Drip, drip, drip. You see that thing. You see that thing. You see that thing.

It increases your awareness. And once you understand that concept, then you say to yourself, Alright, I’m doing this for one of the visions in my life. What about if I think about this holistically and look at all areas of my life? Ding, ding, ding. Now we’ve got it. Because you can use this same practice every single day in as many buckets of your life as you want.

This is the power of consistency. This is the power of intention. This is the power of awareness. When you do small, little micro actions done every single day, and when compounded weeks, months, years, decades, at a time, that is how you create the results in your. So I encourage you to do an audit on yourself right now and look at your power of consistency, because right now inside of you, you are just given the blueprint for how you can win the gold medal and gold medals in your life easily just by doing one thing and repeating it every single day.