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You want to make your podcast happen...

You’ve got a podcast idea and you want to make it happen, but you have no clue where to start.

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing mediums in media today, and there are more people than ever before interested in bringing their own voice to the world with podcasting. But many times, you don’t know how or where to begin when it comes time to actually sit down and record that first episode.

Discover the best way to start...

I have helped hundreds of podcasters launch their shows with confidence over the last decade and can help guide you through every step of your process from ideation all the way through launching your show… So you can finally bring your voice into this world!

Bring your voice into this world!

Imagine starting your own podcast with guidance from an expert who has already taken the journey from zero to podcast success.Imagine having a fast-track pass to make your podcast a success.

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My Podcast Coaching Can Help You

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Create Growth

In all areas of your business & life. The more you create the more good things you attract.

Become A Thought Leader

You are an expert so share your knowledge with the world and watch what good happens.

Positive Impact

Your message has the opportunity to be positive force for good that helps others.

create growth

Build A Strong Brand

Adding a voice and face to your brand increases visibility, credibility, and audience loyalty.

Build Community

Let your heartbeat shine and create that emotional connection with your audience.

Build Relationships

Create a platform that allows you to have conversations with anyone you dream of.

Stand Out

Differentiate yourself & give people a reason to look forward to hearing from you.

how to become a thought leader

Increase Word Of Mouth

How do you get people talking about you? Give them something to talk about.

Do More Of What You Love

You already know what lights you up inside. Share more of that with the world.

Dr Amy
Dr Amy Robbins

Host of The Life Death & Space Between podcast

"It was such a good experience. The process was really simple, and it's been one of the best things I've ever done."

podcast coach Rob Cressy

Meet Your Podcast Coach, Rob Cressy

Someone once said to me, "Rob, if you ever hope to get paid to do what you love then you better be doing it already."

My dream was to get paid to talk about sports for a living so I taught myself how to podcast, be a host, and every step of the creation process.

This was back in 2012 and since then podcasting has been one of the biggest blessings in my business and life. A catalyst for growth, building relationships, and creating impact.

Over the 700+ podcast episodes I've published I've learned an incredible amount about what it takes to launch and host a podcast, build a brand, and do so with consistent excellence.

I live content creation, brand building, and podcasting every day. I want to share my knowledge and support with you so you can make the vision you have a reality.

We Focus On The Three Steps



What is the vision you have for your podcast and what do you want to accomplish with it?



Who do you need to be to show up as the person who creates growth and impact with their podcast?



What are the steps for you to consistently create one perfect podcast episode every time?

"Trust yourself and know that at the end of it you'll feel the confidence you don't have right now" - Tod Brilliant, host of Nice Work! Podcast


01 Podcast Basics

We set a strong foundation for your podcast. What is your podcast about, who is your perfect listener, how long will your show be, and what is the name of your podcast.

02 Podcast Equipment

All the guessing is taken away as I give you various microphone options, ways to record your podcast (Zoom, at home, remotely), and editing options.

03 Podcast Artwork

Every podcast has cover art that identifies the show. We create one that is simple yet stands out.

04 Episode 000

Now it's time to write and record your trailer episode which lets listeners know who you are, what the podcast is about, and what they can expect.

05 Writing Your Show

Writing your show is pretty simple if you stick to a formula. We'll create an intro & outro, plus a template for the body of your podcast. That way you can rinse and repeat with ease.

06 Show Management

What apps & programs you can use (like Evernote and Slack) to collaborate on your podcast, plus how to consistently publish episodes.

07 Planning Episodes 1, 2 & 3

Now that your foundation is set we get to the heart of putting your podcast together. We plan out who will be the guests for your first three episodes, as well as topics you are going to talk about.

08 Recording Episodes 1, 2 & 3

Get excited because it is time to start recording full episodes. I'll give tips for recording and being a great host, that way your process is solid and repeatable.

09 Podcast Launch Strategy

With your podcast launch right around the corner, we lay out the various strategies you can use to launch your podcast. That way when it is go time you are in the best position to succeed.

10 Launch Your Podcast

It's time to take everything you've worked on and let the world see it. You'll sign up for your hosting provider and launch the first four episodes of your podcast.

The Investment...

Private Coaching

Monthly Private Coaching

$3,000 - 6 sessions/month

$2,000 - 4 sessions/month

$1,000 - 2 sessions/month

Group Sessions

Private Group Coaching

$15,000 for 20 sessions

Up To 10 Team Members

Private Packages

Private One on One Coaching

$25,000 for 50 hours

$12,000 for 24 hours

*Limited availability offer. Terms and conditions apply. Available upon request.

Who is this podcast coaching for?

Leaders who want to build a brand, and create growth & impact in their life.

Will it work for me?

Yes, as long as you are committed.

Are You Ready To Fulfill Your Potential?

The best version of you is out there. Now it is time for you to go make it happen.