Personal Growth Coaching

Build Momentum, Unlock Potential & Be a Better Version of Yourself.

The IAMGREAT Personal Growth Coaching program will create positive change in all areas of your life, upgrade your mindset, and transform the way you interact with the world.


+ New ways of thinking to help you operate at a higher level to achieve anything you want.
+ New habits, routines, and standard of action to help you live a more complete life.
+ Accountability, intention, focus, discipline, earned confidence, growth mindset, how to build new relationships, wellness, and culture.


+ Become a better version of yourself.
+ Create more time for the things you love.
+ Guaranteed positivity.
+ Build momentum in all areas of your life.
+ Accountability support system.
+ Increase in self awareness & self talk.
+ Reactivate things that previously served you.
+ Instant wins: you’ll be able to take action on what you learn immediately.
+ New tools to help you be more successful in business & your personal life.
+ Healthier mindset.
+ Operate at a higher level.
+ Improved creativity.
+ Gain clarity on what matters most.

How It Works

+ 1 hour coaching calls – live & interactive.
+ Communication via Slack – a place to share what’s going on in your world, ask questions, and get support.
+ New experiences & challenges – accelerate your growth by doing.
+ Private Facebook Group – expand your network and be part of a community of like minded people.

Let’s Jam About Mindset

Client Testimonial

“Do it if you want to grow, are willing to change, and ready to be a high performer. It will change your life.” - Jack Rush-LaRue

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