Million Dollar Mastermind 2022: Lessons Learned & Recap

million dollar mastermind 2022 ryan stewman

I just got back from Million Dollar Mastermind, a 3-day conference for leaders & entrepreneurs who want to level up around business, mindset, success, relationships, investing & money. It was a life changing experience.

On this episode of Best Year Ever Rob Cressy gives a recap of his experience, plus shares lessons learned from the speeches Ed Mylett, David Goggins, Eric Thomas, Alex Rodriguez, Bobby Castro, and Ryan Stewman gave. 

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I created both a podcast version and a video version. Choose the format that works best for you.

Here is the video version.


  • 0:00 Million Dollar Mastermind Intro
  • 3:36 Ryan Stewman + Million Dollar Mastermind recap
  • 4:54 Million Dollar Mastermind Speakers
  • 6:13 Ed Mylett speech
  • 7:48 Ed Mylett on vision
  • 9:48 David Goggins on 1% away 10:39 Ed Mylett on “I am the one”
  • 12:23 David Goggins speech
  • 13:09 David Goggins lesson learned
  • 15:35 David Goggins on fear
  • 17:35 Eric Thomas motivation
  • 20:57 Eric Thomas on the power of attraction
  • 22:15 Alex Rodriguez speech
  • 25:52 Alex Rodriguez on winning
  • 26:28 Bobby Castro speech
  • 28:30 Bobby Castro on Non-refundable minutes
  • 32:55 Bobby Castro on winning
  • 34:22 Million Dollar Mastermind 2022 lessons learned from Ryan Stewman
  • 35:46 Overcoming adversity
  • 36:33 Free people attract free people
  • 37:58 Sean Whalen on being a King to your wife
  • 38:24 Bobby Castro on having a 100 year legacy plan
  • 39:37 Million Dollar Mastermind Thank You’s

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