How To Love Yourself More

Self love is something we could all use more of.

While on the surface it may seem obvious and easy, we are often times the last ones to give ourselves credit.

One simple way to love yourself more is by creating a Compliment File. Here’s what I want you to do.

Step 1: The next time someone gives you a compliment write it down. You can do this in a notebook or on your phone (I use Evernote) that way you have a record of it.

For example: “I am inspired just by being on calls with you” – Paul Faust

The reason this is important is because a compliment doesn’t have to end when a person says it to you. In actuality it’s the opposite, that’s just the beginning.

Being an active listener and on alert for compliments is something you want to be intentional about. They happen to you way more than you realize.

Step 2: A few times a week open up your Compliment File and read what others have said to you. I like to do this as part of my morning routine.

When you do it you’ll immediately be filled with gratitude and love. You’ll be able to go back and visualize who that person was and what you felt in the moment when they said it to you.

Step 3: The more compliments people give you, the more you write them in your Compliment File and get to relive the moment. As time goes on you’ll have a big list that you can use to add more self love to your life. I’ve found that when I am on a phone call or podcast with someone they happen often.

This becomes a gift that you give yourself. Any time you want to have a drip of self love you read your Compliment File. Plus, the more times you read it and allow it to become part of your being the more positive effect it’ll have on you. Rinse and repeat.

Bonus Mindset:

By doing this you are also being a good receiver of the compliment. Many people hear something good from someone and say “thanks” and that’s the end of it. They hear it but they don’t feel and experience it. The best way you can honor someone is by taking what they say to heart, recognize them for it, and then continue to allow that to live in you.

By making this part of your regular self love practice, you’ll be able to be happier, more confident, and add more positivity in your life. Best of all, everything that you are reading in your Compliment File is true.

Self Love Action Item Recap:

  • Listen for when others give you a compliment. Be intentional about it.
  • Recognize them and take what they said to heart.
  • Write down the compliment including the name of the person who said it to you.
  • Review your Compliment File on a regular basis.


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