How To Get More Done In Less Time

I am going to share how to get more done in less time.

I’m working with a client who is a CEO on launching their podcast. He’s committed. Blocked off 1.5 hours in his calendar starting at 10 am every day.

He then lets me know that he made no progress in 2 straight weeks. What happened?

Psychologically 1.5 hours was too much. It felt like a have to do instead of a get to do.

So what’s the solution to stop wasting time and getting more accomplished?

Simple. I told him instead of 1.5 hours to work on his podcast in 30 minute chunks. Set a timer on his phone.

Why? It’s easily digestible.

We all have 30 minutes. Once he does one 30 minute session if he’s feeling it keep it going for another 30. And if he’s feeling it, do another 30. That’s how you hack your productivity by keeping it simple.

The original 30 minute session is an opportunity to create flow. It gets you started, which often times is the challenge to getting more done in a day.

Taking this a step further, if we know that one 30 minute session can create flow then now you have the opportunity to design flow into your day.

Now you can think about this as a gift you can give yourself.

You know that whenever you want, you can set a timer for 30 minutes, create flow, and be more productive.

Well if that’s the case, when would it make the most sense to do this.

I would do it in the morning or earlier in the day.


Imagine what the rest of your day will go like if you are in flow early on.

Chances are it’s gonna be a great day because when you are in flow you are getting things done and you are building momentum. Rinse and repeat.

We all have the ability to get anything done that we want if we break it down into easy to execute chunks, like 30 minutes.

If you are someone who has a big vision and would like support in making it happen then I invite you to jump on a call with me so we can talk about it.

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