How Often Should I Publish Podcast Episodes?

Podcasting is a powerful way to build your brand, share thought leadership, and create growth. If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, one question on your mind might be: “How often should I publish podcast episodes? Is there a minimum number?” There is no one size fits all answer as every podcast is unique. However, in this post I’ll share some insight that I’ve learned over the last 700+ episodes that’ll give you some clarity on how often you should publish new episodes.

Podcasting Best Practice

When I am working with new clients and they ask how often they should be publishing a podcast I tell them once a week is a great place to start. Reason being, it allows you to stay top of mind and be in someone’s flow. 

I know from my own podcast consumption that I have shows that I can count on coming out certain days of the week. It’s like I have a good friend that I know when I get to see them every week.

The reason I say once a week is a good place to start is because if you start dropping podcast episodes every other week or monthly, it’s hard to get in the flow of attention of your audience. You aren’t around enough for me, the listener, to buy in and care. I’m more likely to listen to consistently published podcasts because they show up more often.

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Podcast Commitment

The most important question I ask aspiring podcasters is: “are you interested or are you committed?” So many people like the idea of launching a podcasting, but they aren’t committed to it.

An easy way to fake commitment is by doing fewer podcast episodes. If you only planned on publishing one podcast episode per month it wouldn’t seem like a big deal to skip it. However, if you committed to publishing one episode a week you can’t fake that. You’ve got to show up every week.

That’s why I recommend starting out with publishing one podcast episode per week. It builds in the commitment, which puts you in a position to succeed.

Podcast Excuses

When someone comes to me who wants to launch a podcast and publish only one episode per month, it’s a sign they are missing something. Why is it they only want to publish once a month? Is it they don’t have the time? The resources? The knowledge? 

The answer is we often sensationalize what it will actually take to make a podcast happen because we’ve never done it before. 

“Oh, there’s no way I can do a weekly podcast. I have too much on my plate.”

What if I told you it would only take 15 minutes a week to create a weekly podcast. Would that change your mind? 

“Oh, I didn’t realize…”

The reason for this is because uncertainty leads to inaction. When you don’t know what you are doing, or the next steps to take to launch your podcast, you make the process harder on yourself. That’s why a once a month podcast seems more doable. 

In actuality, you just need the right plan for how to execute a weekly podcast. It doesn’t make it harder or take an insane amount of time. Everything is scalable based on your situation and what you are looking to accomplish. 


The best way to generate growth, thought leadership, and impact with your podcast is by showing up consistently. Fight the urge to take the easy path by publishing fewer podcast episodes per month. That’s not going to lead you to where you want to go.

Instead commit to publishing one podcast episode per week for a year and then check back in with me. I promise you that when you do you’ll come back smiling and excited about all the amazing things that happened for you.  

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