Hiring A Podcast Coach: What You Need To Know


Podcasting is a great way to grow your brand and share your message. It can also be a great way to network and build relationships. The only problem is that it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start. That’s where a podcast coach can be a lifesaver. Do you need a podcast coach? What should you look for? I answer these questions and more in this post.

Why should you hire a podcast coach?

There are a myriad of reasons why you should hire a podcast coach, but I’ll share with you three of them to get the party started.

Having A Podcast Roadmap To Follow

When you’re getting started with podcasting, it’s a good idea to have a plan. That way you have a roadmap to follow and can execute your podcast launch quickly and efficiently. If you have no podcasting experience it can be hard to know what to do next or how to get started. Uncertainty leads to inaction. If you don’t know what you are doing you are more likely to not take the action necessary to get your podcast launched.

That’s where a podcast coach comes in. They are experts in the space and can share their blueprint for how to successfully launch a podcast. This will give you more certainty in the process, which will have you in action more, which means your podcast will get launched faster. So if you want to guarantee that your podcast is launched, hire a podcast coach.

Support For Your Vision

You have a vision in your head for what you would like to create by launching a podcast. For some people it’s to have a positive impact on the world, for others it is to create a life they dream of. The bigger the dream the deeper the foundation.

A podcast coach will help you build that foundation. The solid ground that your vision is build upon. Because to accomplish something great you need to make sure that you are doing things correctly right out of the gate. That way you can continue to build on top of it, and you can do so quickly, efficiently, and with high quality. Fast forward 1 year, 3 years, or 10 years from now and you’ll be thankful that you worked with a podcast coach to help support your vision.

Accelerate The Building Of Your Brand

You are a thought leader who wants to build your brand. You are knowledgable, have a great network, and you are ready to take things to the next level. You know the value you want to deliver to the world and what it’ll look like. What you don’t know is how to use a podcast to create more content and scale your brand.

A podcast coach specializes in brand building. They understand the power of one piece of content, and the potential it has to amplify your message in multiple ways. For example, taking one 30 minute podcast episode and turning it into an audio podcast, a YouTube video, and multiple pieces of snackable video content for social media. You can try and figure out how to do all of that yourself, or you can hire a podcast coach who can accelerate the growth of your brand.

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What should I look for in a podcast coach?

You want someone who is a champion for you. Who is there to help you succeed and accomplish the vision you have.

You want someone who is really passionate about podcasting. Passion is contagious, especially with podcasting. Once you start seeing the success and benefits from your podcast you’ll catch the bug too.

You want someone who is currently doing it and building their brand. Your podcast coach practices what they preach and that is evident in what they create. They are able to help you speed up the process by not making the mistakes they learned along the way.

You want someone who you would enjoy being in conversation with. Because you and your podcast coach will be having conversations about what you want to create, so you are going to want to vibe.

You want someone who is supportive. Both as an encourager for your vision and a trusted advisor willing to be candid. That way you can get the best results possible

Your podcast coach will fill many roles in the name of your podcast success. They are invested in you and your journey and want to help you flourish. If you would like support, and accountability, and collaboration then you should hire a podcast coach.

What should you expect from a podcast coach?

You should expect your podcast coach to help and lead you on your journey, but not do everything for you. At the end of the day they are a coach and support, not the one hosting your show. There are things that you are going to have to do that only you can do.

The most important thing in your podcast journey is your commitment. Are you 100% committed to launching your podcast and making your vision happen? If so your experience with a podcast coach will be incredible.

Your experience with your podcast coach will involve regular conversations (either one-on-one or in a group setting via Zoom). That’s where you’ll be able to ask questions related to where you are in the podcast process. They’ll also have some form of digital communication (ex. Slack or Facebook) where you can communicate on things as they arise.

You podcast coach will also have a digital component which is comprised of a podcast course or roadmap they’ve created to help launch your podcast. This will allow you to make progress on your podcast whenever you want.

The benefits of working with a podcast coach

Working with a podcast coach is a game changer if you are looking to create something great.

They’ll accelerate the speed in which you launch your podcast, they’ll make the process easier and more efficient, they’ll give you support and accountability that you wouldn’t have if you are doing this alone, they’ll increase the quality of your podcast, they’ll increase your confidence as a host and in your ability to execute the podcast process, and they’ll help make your vision a reality.

They’ll also help you avoid the mistakes they made along the way, give you shortcuts, best practices, and a roadmap to follow, plus help build your brand in a scalable manner. If those benefits are things that you would like then you should hire a podcast coach.


Hiring a podcast coach is an investment in yourself, the building of your brand, and the vision you have. By design a podcast coach is there to help you grow and be better. While you can launch a podcast without one, having one on your side will make the experience significantly better and easier. Ultimately, though, it’s up to you to decide what it is you want to accomplish and how you want to get there.

Hopefully this helped you get an idea of what to expect from a podcast coach and how it can be an asset to your journey. If you are interested in hiring a podcast coach then I’d love to have a conversation with you about how I could help. You can sign up for a FREE 30 minute podcast jam session HERE.

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