The Energy of Money with Hanna Bier

Money is more than just a means of exchange. It’s an expression of love, how we meet our needs, and create the lives we desire. In this episode of Built For The Game, Rob Cressy is joined by Hanna Bier to dive into the concept of the energy of money. We discuss the vibrational frequencies of money and how embodying positive feelings of abundance can attract more wealth.

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Welcome to Bill for the game, where we talk about systems for winning in business in life for the long haul so you can thrive in any situation. And I’m your coach, Rob Cressy. And joining me today is Hanna Bier, a money mentor. Hanna Bier, super excited to have you on the show.

I’m so honored to be here. Hanna, I am so looking forward to talking to you about today’s topic, the energy of money. We’re going to be blending your world and my world together. So let’s start with this. When I say the energy of money, what first comes up to you? Yeah, it’s really hugely misunderstood because on the surface we think that we know money. We know that money is and is a means of exchange. Money is like a placeholder for value. And on planet Earth, we use it to exchange goods and services. And in a way, it’s also a means of appreciation for each other’s work, but more deep at one level, deeper than that. It really is an expression of love.

Money is how we meet our needs. Money is how we love ourselves and others. Money is how we create a beautiful home. Money is how we bring new, fun and enriching experiences into our lives. Money is how we care for children. Money is how we buy food that nourishes our bodies. And so often clients come to me and they’ll say, I’m on this crazy emotional roller coaster ride with money, and I know it’s just money. And so many of us have a really complicated relationship with it because it really goes all the way to the roots of who we are. It goes to our deepest needs. And on this planet, money is a big factor in meeting our own needs and really feeling that we’re well taken care of in whole.

I love the way that you frame this around love. So let’s talk about the vibrational frequencies of money, because when you can create this energy inside of you, especially as it relates to your relationship with money, where it is coursing with love enough scarcity, you can start to attract more money into your life where you live a life of abundance in harmony. And so often this is something that may sound good on the surface, but I don’t believe that everybody believes this or lives this. So can you dive on a level deeper into the vibrational frequencies of this so that we can start to attract more of this in our life? Absolutely. So what we’re currently doing for most of us is not working right? Like there is statistics that say that 92% of Americans would say that money is their main source of stress. So the way we currently do money clearly isn’t working. Where we’re in the striving and the wanting more and the feeling like it’s never enough in the feeling like it’s tied to her own self-worth.

And so clearly that path really isn’t working. The path that most of us know really does work is to embody the positive feelings that an abundance of money would bring. So we need to feel abundant and peaceful and happy and creative first. And so this is the tricky bit. Most of us actually know the solution, but most of us really struggle to implement it. And I get it. Like it is really difficult when you look around your life and you see your life circumstances and it’s not what you want. It’s really tricky then for you to to embody these higher vibrational feelings that will go and create more money for you. But that is actually the only way to really create an abundance of money.

So in a nutshell, we need to begin to kind of ignore the parts of our lives that we don’t like and begin to embody the feelings of what we want instead. So that can begin to manifest. But that is like enlightenment level energetic aerobics or gymnastics that we’re trying to do. And that’s why we need tools to help us get to this embodied state of abundance that creates more and more and more and more. All right, Hanna Bier. So I’m on board with everything that you’re saying and I’m about this life. But I think for a lot of people, there’s the air quotes, the woo woo nature of this versus the action nature of this, because oftentimes and I come from both the sales and an entrepreneurship background that if you are living in lack or scarcity of anything, scarcity of clients, scarcity of money, we are trained to take more action that the thing that is stopping us from creating the results in our life is more action, different action. Am I doing this right?

Because I know certainly in my own journey, sometimes I would sit there and think about am I just one degree off from doing the right action as opposed to as I matured in my inner work journey where I learned more about creating and and creating an identity that serves me and is powerful and where my state of being is primed, marrying who I am and how I show up every single day is more important than anything else. Because this story you tell yourself, create your actions, your actions create your results. So in actuality you are correct. That’s less desire in a story that has us vibrating at a higher frequency because that will then have you taking the actions that create those results. But for a lot of people, I don’t think they can. Exactly. Especially if you’re new to this, just jump from one to the other knowing that we’re so hardwired for action. Absolutely. But we also need to see a kind of from the other perspective, from the perspective who’s the buyer?

People who buy, buy your energy. And it doesn’t matter if you’re selling knives or if you’re selling real estate like really like we’re all selling something. And at its core, people buy the energy that we embody and they want to have a really fun buying process. They want it to enrich their lives. And so when we’re in an energy of scarcity and stress and wanting to make it happen and wanting to be somebody and finally be a success, and so we really need to close this client, like people don’t buy the energy of desperation. So we could be doing the right things. We could be having the perfect the best strategy. We could be saying the exact right things.

We could be having like an airtight process. And at the end it could be just what the energy just is, not what they want to buy. Like they don’t want to bring that desperation into their lives. And so somebody else might actually close them. And that person doesn’t have an a perfect sales process or they might stumble over the words or something, might be really imperfect about it, but they might have a sense of like joy and relax that that’s about them, where it’s really enjoyable for the buyer to be a yes to them, where it make it’s a lot of fun. And so it’s not just like from our perspective that we begin to manifest more. It’s also that people have a much easier time to say yes to whatever it is that we’re inviting them to. All right, I’m on board with that now. Let’s go to the next level and call this energy auditing techniques. So you sit there and you say, All right.

Hanna Bier I am part of team good vibes. We know the difference between someone who has a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, someone who is or isn’t self-aware, someone who puts out positive energy every single day. And in the world of entrepreneurship, there’s a lot of people who are all in on their dreams and they take the massive action in their energy is good and they’re still not seeing the results. And I get it. And it could be challenging to say, All right, I’m going to self audit my own energy in one of the levels of personal growth is your ability to be your own coach and how you can cultivate that for yourself. But if we’re going to take a few steps back, what can we do to audit our energy even if we believe we are part of a team, good vibes and putting something positive out there. And by the way, we know that what we do works because you have clients that are doing it and seeing the results, but maybe just not at the level of air quotes success that you would like. Yeah, I love that you’re saying self auditing. I think that’s such a such a cool concept.

I know that for me personally, when I’m in a place where it feels like doing everything right, why the hell is my process glitching? I do go and, you know, speak to my coach and she looks at me and she will be uncomfortably honest with me because it’s almost like if I if I’m really stuck, it’s honest. It feels like I’m giving myself my own my own haircut, you know? So sometimes I just need to go to an expert and have them look at my hair and tell me why it looks absolutely terrible and like a bird’s nest. And so for someone who’s been doing all the right things and who’s been on the like High Vibe train and it’s still not working, like definitely see if you can find somebody who can read your energy, who can tell you what the block is clearer it. And then the other thing that I love to do, because your question was about self auditing, is I love to connect to a light story.

They just picture my attention going all the way up until I connect to a really powerful source of light, allow it to flow through myself, and then it just kind of see like, where is the fear? Where is the belief? Where is the attitude that won’t allow me to receive the thing that I really, really, really want? And then for me it pops in. But sometimes the things are so sticky that I also really need to work with like a coach or an energy healer or somebody can help me release this. I love it. And you naturally segway to the flow of money. In one of the declarations that I speak out loud, everything today day is I am in flow and there’s an emoji of the guy surfing the wave. And I say to myself, I am riding the waves of life because I very much see flow as both ups and downs, because it is inevitable that we are going to have fears, judgment, self-limiting beliefs, obstacle is challenging things that happen to us, but it is our ability to ride those waves and see your constant life in flow because one of the things that when I audited my relationship to time that I realized was actually self-limiting, despite what the rest of the world says is in the creative world, our ability to air quotes create flow where you get lost in something and you look up a few hours later, you’re like, Wow, where did the time go? This is so amazing.

It’s it’s what we all want so often in our lives. And how do you design it that way? And this is where you can create things like Pomodoro techniques, where you set a timer for 30 minutes or an hour and you remove distractions and you just get started and all of a sudden, All right, now I’ve got a process for creating that flow. But I realized, why would I not just want to live my entire life in flow and see that as a prospect active in a state of being. So for me, I choose to take on the identity that I am always in flow because my entire life is in flow. So now let’s break it apart.

One piece of this and the flow of money in for us to live in abundance, it is important that we don’t see money as stagnant because if it is, if we’re living in lack or we’re stopping it from being created, it can’t flow. And this also includes the one giving money to others. Because what you give in life you are likely to receive. So if you’re challenged by money right now, one of the best things that you can actually do is go and give some money to this other people. But I’m curious from your perspective, ways that we can create that flow of money in ourselves.

Yeah, I actually really love the metaphor that you just offered with the surfer on the wave, because so often what we’re being sold is this idea that money, money should always be going up, right? Like if you’re doing my friend, if you’re being a success, you should always be making increasing amounts of money. If you’re making six figures, you better make multi six figures. If you’re a seven, you need to go to eight needs to be more and more and more and more and more. And for many of us this feels really stressful. And then when life doesn’t go that way, we often beta sells out. Then we think, Oh, my affirmations aren’t working in my mind that work isn’t working. And, you know, we get really down on ourselves. But the truth is, money is a natural resource, just like everything else in life. It flows. And that is not on you. Just like water flows, time flows, just like the seasons change.

Money has ups and downs as well and it often has nothing to do with. We could be doing everything right and stone money just flows. Sometimes you’ll spend more, sometimes you’ll earn more, sometimes your profit will be bigger, sometimes your profit will be smaller. When you’re in the abundance consciousness over time, yes, your finances will dramatically expand and you’ll always have lots of money and a really strong flow of money. But even within that you’ll notice ups and downs. And so it’s really important to source our safety from within so we can just stay really calm and know that life knows what it’s doing. When money inevitably just kind of flows. And so many of us have have like the numbers of money tied into our self-worth and we’re all being taught to not feel good enough.

And so very often we then feel, you know, like we kind of get really harsh with our selves and we make it about ourselves when, you know, that’s just the way it goes. And we just need to we need to kind of separate her own self-worth from the amount of money that we have and that we’re earning and that we want to earn. And then that inevitably will allow more money to come in and stay, if that makes sense. It does. And let’s take this to the next level. And one of the things that is very much served me both in my relationship to money as well as the way that I holistically see my entire life.

Oftentimes this is easier said than done, but it is the concept of letting go where when I think of flow, man, you’re just you’re in this rhythm. It’s almost like the ribbon of life and you let go and you just go with the waves, the back and forth of it. And with that creates a freedom or one of my words, the years harmony that you can create in your life. And I’m curious your perspective on this because the practice of letting go while something that we all have access to, that happens in a minute. So anybody listening or watching right now, they can let go right this second if you want. But it’s easier said than done when you’re staring at the monsters in your bank account, or at least the ones that you’ve seen, you’ve seen your clients come and go or your bills pile up, or you see your credit card balances or the debt that you have. And all of this. And letting go is challenging because of dot, dot, dot.

There’s so many reasons why we can’t let go, but that doesn’t mean our ability to let go isn’t accessible to us. And it also doesn’t mean that that level of freedom isn’t the thing that would serve us. Because when you do and I know this from my own experience in a variety of capacities, it feels like letting an anvil off your chest because there’s often times in anxiety or weight that you feel in your chest. It’s like this financial pressure on yourself where you’re trying so hard and you’re doing things the right way and you care about yourself or your family so much that you almost wear. It is a badge of honor because you care so much and letting go can be framed as the absence of caring. But there’s also a way to do that in a way that serves you absolutely One of the things that really, really helps me, it’s almost like a little mantra that I’m living. It’s such a simple phrase and it’s life knows what it’s doing.

At some point, I’ve just decided that life knows what it’s doing. Everything that I think I know and everything that I think should be happening. Those thoughts have let me down a gazillion times in my life where I really wanted something in life, just slammed a door in my face. And later on I found out there was nothing behind that door anyway, and that redirection was actually protection. Like, it was great. It was absolute, absolutely perfect for me. So often my mind has like a plan and thinks that certain things should be happening and I should be having more money and I should be having more clients and there should be this and that and so forth. But I’ve really discovered that life really does know what it’s doing, and it knows much better than I do. And the the infinite possibility that is the future. You know, we’re like constantly staring into this space of infinite possibility that can be so daunting and so scary. We’re like, Oh my God, what’s going to happen in the future? We’re going to be okay.

We’re going to make it. And so I’ve also decided that everything good that I’ve ever received always came from the place of and unlimited possibility. So I can actually trust that more. I can trust that life, know what it knows what it’s doing. And I can trust with the unknown always brings good things my way. Always, always, always. And I can trust that my thoughts usually let me down. And so that’s a really it really sunk in at this point. It started out as just a thought is just amusing, but it has sunk in so deeply now that I’m really now feeling that my sense of safety comes from within. And I’m not constantly trying to tell life how to do its job. Of course, like I set goals and I work towards them, but I often get redirected and it is always for the better. I love this because we are just naturally segway because Hanna Bier what I want to talk about now is going to be sort of one in the same and we’re going to call it this consistency practice practices, but also we’re going to dive deeper into identity because for me and the work that I do is so me and my clients, it all starts with your identity and the story that you tell yourself. And this is something that I don’t hear the world talking about at the level that it should be.

If I’m going to use the word should because of how important it is. Because for me, the story I tell myself is the most important thing in the world, because the world by design is going to tell you the stories that they want. On top of those stories are then going to permeate themselves into you to where now you’ve got fear, judgment, self-limiting beliefs. So the way that you can go from not trusting your thoughts is by designing your thoughts in the way you design your thoughts is by creating a consistency practice. It’s why, for me, my morning routine in my boot sequence is paramount to who I am in my success, in my ability to create myself as the best version of myself. Because I know these thoughts are going to happen. The negative ones, the self-limiting ones, clients are going to come and go, people around us are going to get sick or there’s going to be challenging times.

Like we woke up one day and covid’s here and there’s just so many things that happen in life. Therefore you say, What can I control in a world where there’s a lot of things trying to control you? And for me it’s about all right, designing the most powerful version of myself. What does that look like? Creating that identity for myself? Just like I said with I am in Flow and we do have the ability to do this in all of the buckets of our life as well as in our money bucket. And I have a story that I can share around this because I was challenged and struggled for the longest time in my entrepreneurial journey with having a scarcity mindset around finances, in money, in living, in lack. Because in my old life, 13 plus years ago, I was crushing it, printing money, making tons of money, working my 9 to 5, doing digital advertising sales. Well, then I quit that to become a full time entrepreneur and creator and went down to $0 overnight. And in the process you’re like, Whoa, no clients, no relationships, no website.

And now the scarcity mindset starts to build in there. And it wasn’t all the buckets to my life, just this one, because like you said, we have these expectations of, Well, I’ve crushed my entire life and I’m not crushing right now as I’m building this brand new business. Why is this not happening? And as you would just as I would just see my savings slowly going down just month after month, even though I’m all in on my dreams and I’m loving my life and I’m doing the inner work there, there is still a mindset of scarcity for myself because I had not air quotes. I create the level of entrepreneurial success that I had wanted in my mind yet, so it created this lack for myself. And I had to do or got to do the inner work on myself to excavate. This were number one. I forgave myself for judging myself for having a scarcity mindset, because that’s not true. I’ve crushed my entire life. I was landing clients. It just wasn’t at the level that I wanted, but that was still attached because it’s so emotional, it’s so deep where you’re all in on this thing. So it feels super hard and it’s ever present, never goes away, and you can feel that anxiety. So I forgive myself for judging myself for having this financial scarcity in living in lack. All right. Where I could actually truly see my innocence. Because the truth is, and this is where I stepped into the powerful version of myself as it related to my relationship to money.

And this isn’t just like a little itty bitty thing is I know what is the most powerful version of me, and it is I am a revenue generating juggernaut. And I tried that on for size and I was like, Whoa, I love this. And then I sat there and I collected all the evidence of my life, of all of the instances in which I straight crush. And I was like, Oh, baby, I’ve got lots of these. So I start to change the story that I told myself around this, where previously it was, Why do I not have enough clients what I’m not doing right? But now the focal point became look at how you’ve been successful in pretty much everything that you do in every single day. I would speak S.O.S. in feel into this declaration.

I am a revenue generating juggernaut, and as I did this practice, more and more, it got deeper and tangled into who I am, to where there’s levels to this game. And now it’s just the entry point. But then I got to the point where I created it, saying it is my state of being that creates all of my results. So when I think of myself as a revenue generating juggernaut, I’m so confident in this. It’s because I know it is my state of being an energy that creates this. And when you understand on that level that that will attract and create everything that you want in your life. Now all of a sudden this has become a cheat code where you’re like, Whoa, my energy in being has the ability to create everything that I want in my life.

And by design, telling myself that story every single day, crazy actions in myself that creates the results, which ultimately Hanna Bier got you to this podcast because that was an energy that I’ve created over the last 13 years of my life.