Get To Do vs Have To Do List

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of things on your “to do list”?

Here’s what I want you to do. 

I want you to reframe this from “have to do” to “get to do”.

This is such an important mindset shift that has served me well and will you too. 

Here’s the problem with “have to do” – it’s an obligation. 

On top of that, your have to do list only increases. 

When that happens now you feel overwhelmed by the amount you “have to do”.

Then you start to think about all the different buckets of your life and all the things you have to do: family, fitness, finances, business.

How in the world will I find time to do more?

How in the world will I find time to build my brand, launch a podcast, or create a YouTube channel? 

It just doesn’t seem possible. 

I’ve been there so what I did is created a Get To Do List.

I see everything thing I am working on as things I Get To Do. 

They are opportunity. They are a positive choice. They are something I look forward to.

They are not an obligation. They are not negative. 

With this reframing, I removed the overwhelm because I am excited about the things I Get To Do. I’m not drained by them.
As this relates to building your brand, creating a podcast, or launching a YouTube Channel – those are all conscious choices of things you Get To Do.

No one is making you do those. 

You are doing them because you want to grow and you like the possibilities of what can happen when they are out into the world. 

Now I want you to rinse and repeat this in all areas of your life. 

Family – you get to hang out with your family – because it’s way better than if they weren’t there.

Fitness – you get to work out – because that’s an investment in your mindset and future self.

Finances – you get to build wealth and financial freedom.

All this takes is some simple reframing.

So here’s what I want you to do. Every time you create a To Do List moving forward – I want you to label it Get To Do List.
I want this burned into your brain. You GET TO DO things. 

When you make this mindset shift, you are going to see the world in a whole new light, time is going to magically appear, and great things will start happening for you.
As a call to action, I want to know one thing on your get to do list that you are looking forward to doing. Hit me up on Instagram @Rob_Cressy and let me know.

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