The First Step To Growth: Believe It’s Possible

believe growth is possible

The first step to creating growth, whether personal growth or building your brand so you can see business growth, is believing it’s possible. That becomes the entry point for the rest of your journey. You’ll use your belief to overcome obstacles and become stronger because of it, accomplish the goals you set for yourself, and realize your full potential. In this post I am going to share 5 steps to building your belief so you can create growth in all areas of your life.

Have A Growth Mindset

The first step to creating growth is the belief that anything is possible. To get to this point you need to adopt a growth mindset. You need to believe that things can and will get better. You also have to want it, and you have to seek it out. Many people want to generate growth in their life but few people actually do. That’s because they don’t take the consistent action necessary to make it happen. You can’t expect growth to be created if you aren’t taking the action necessary. Having the right mindset around self improvement and what’s possible is the first step to believing anything is possible.

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Design What’s Possible

The simplest way to believe anything is possible is to set an intention and then design it to become possible. The way I do that is by writing down what I want to create and have happen. This is an area that many people skip and that’s a huge mistake. Writing down your goals gives you the target for where you are going.

After that I write down my goals daily as part of my morning routine (which is housed in an Evernote file). This sets my intention at the beginning of the day. I then do it again at night. That way my mind works on it while I am sleeping. Rinse and repeat.

Imagine how much belief you would have in yourself and your ability to generate growth if you wrote it down and read to yourself twice a day that you were going to do it. Now rinse and repeat for one week, one month, one year, and 10 years. That’s how you make anything possible and build belief in yourself.

Creating Growth Is Going To Be Hard

Going in you need to know that creating growth is going to be hard. The reason is because you’ll be doing things you have never done before. This means more excuses for why you can’t do it will pop up. You need to become very aware of this, that way you can take the necessary action to overcome it when it does.

What I recommend you do is spend a few minutes writing down the excuses you think you’ll make. Some common excuses include: I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough knowledge, I don’t have enough resources, I don’t have enough money, I don’t know how to get started, I don’t know what to do next. Once you’ve got that list then you can create the solution for how you will overcome that excuse. That way when the excuse inevitable pops up it’s not big deal for you because you were already expecting it and know what to do next.

The times in which I’ve seen the most growth in my life are the times in which I’ve been most uncomfortable. It’s why one of my favorite quotes is “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” Dealing with discomfort never gets easier. You just become more accustomed to taking action in the face of adversity.

Investing In Yourself

One key to creating growth is to see it as an investment in yourself. Not everyone is willing to put in the work today to see the fruits of their labor in the future. But those who are successful and create massive growth do. They know that creating growth takes time. They also know that growth has a compounding effect and the more you generate the more that’ll come back to you.

When you adopt this investment mindset you treat the timeline in which growth is generated with a different energy (in a good way). This allows you to set your expectations accordingly. You can control your actions, not the timeline in which the results/growth will happen.

Take Relentless Action

Growth is only created when you take action. If you want to generate growth faster then you need to look at the commitment level that is necessary to make that happen. The more the commitment you have, the faster the growth.

For example, if I told you that a million dollars was sitting on the other side of you launching a podcast, how quickly would you take action on making that happen? Immediately. You’d clear your calendar and work on that non-stop in order to make that happen.

Congratulations, now you understand the type of commitment that is necessary to make something like that happen. Now you can think about what growth you want to create in your life and the commitment and action levels necessary for you to make it happen. Take relentless action and good things will come from it.


Become someone who believes that anything is possible. Be intentional about the way you design growth into your life. Know that it is going to be hard, but you are already aware of that so you are good. You know that this is an investment in yourself and when you take relentless action towards what you want that it will happen as long as you keep going.

If you are interested in creating growth in your life then I’d love to help you out. Apply for a free coaching session so we can be in dialogue together and accelerate the speed in which you accomplish what you want.

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