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What does showing up as the most powerful version of yourself in all areas of your life look like? In this episode of Best Year Ever, Rob Cressy chats with Colin Scotland as they give a roadmap for showing up powerfully in your life. Included in this is raising your standard, the power of belief, the power of language, improving your self talk, showing up intentionally, and the power of consistency. 

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Best Year Ever with Rob Cressy · The Power of You with Colin Scotland | EP 511

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First question, tell me one thing you do to create your best year ever.

One thing I do every single day is I spend 15 minutes in a morning in quiet meditation time. The reason I do this, Rob, is just to give me this sense of grounding. If I don’t, if I don’t. I’m like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, where she’s like in the, in the, uh, hut that’s spinning around in the hurricane, and literally my day goes everywhere.

So when I take time in the morning to just breathe and be with myself and be in the moment, the day completely changes. And that means that I’m able to make progress in so many other ways.

I absolutely love that because this past weekend I experienced something similar where I did not get the opportunity to do my usual morning routine.

More specifically, the speaking of my declarations out loud happened differently and a little bit more fragmented, certainly than it ever does. And as life would happen, all of a sudden there was a little bit more friction and resistance in that day. And I sat there when that happened and I was like, Of course.

That’s what happens because we create ourselves a certain way to create the outcome or the perspective that we want in our life. And it may be simple to be like, Well, there’s no correlation between the two, except we believe in these things. And the reason that we do them is because it creates the piece.

It creates the space, it creates the perspectives in our lives so that when the friction inevitably happens, we’re able to meet it in a certain way. That’s the best version of ourselves.

100%. And I think the important thing to remember with this stuff is it’s not something that you just do once and then you forget it.

It’s like, Oh, I meditated yesterday. I’m done. I’m good. I practiced gratitude yesterday. I’m done. I’m good. It, this is like air. We constantly have to breathe in and breathe out. And so these practices have to be ingrained in how we show up every day.

Amen to that. And I am so excited about today’s. Joining me is Colin Scotland.

He is someone who has more insight on my journey than almost any other human. On earth, because Colin and I have been working together every single week for more than the last two years in the building of my brand, the building of my systems and processes, the machines, my self living beliefs, my challenges, the good stuff, the bad stuff, everything in between.

Colin, welcome to the show. Thank you so much, Rob. It is an absolute honor and privilege to be here today, man.

And I’m excited to have you on because you and I, uh, I’ll actually go to the very beginning when, uh, I was looking to find a coach to help me build a funnel and I talked with somebody else that was actually in a, an entrepreneurship group that I was a part of, So I would say that they had the upper hand.

And then, uh, I was recommended to you and the thing that did it for me is on your desk and you’re welcome to show it. Colin, uh, was a sticker that says, Create every day. And I was like, Boom, this guy speaks my language and I’ve been creating with you. For the last two years, and I wanted to sort of share some of the perspectives that you and I uniquely have together and, and what I would like to title our conversation is the power of dot, dot dot.

Because as I look at what you and I do well, that can help others on their journey. It is our ability to create two ways, one, internally, our mindset and our heart. In two externally, the building of our brand, our systems, and the creation of content.

How cool. I love, um, I love how the power can just lead into so many cool things and the, one of the things that jumps into my mind there, Rob, is.

The saying by Martha Beck in the way of integrity about, she talks about one degree turns, and if we can be one, one degree better today than we were yesterday. Within a few days, we’ve made leaps and bounds of changes in how we show up in the world. James Clear talks about STA micro habits, like stacking one thing on top of the other.

There are so many applications of this, but ultimately it’s just about the power of how you show up in the world. Man, it gets me.

Well, I was gonna do this at the end, so let’s do this at the beginning. So let’s talk about the power of creating and raising your standard, because one of the things of us working together, Colin, was you helped me elevate my standard for what I expect out of my brand, my systems and processes, the way that I show up.

And I love how you framed that. When we look on the personal growth side of things, so often people see it like climbing a mountain. It’s like, Oh my God, this is gonna be so big. But the, the true game changer was when you realize that personal growth is really a series of micro actions done every single day, Consistency consistently into perpetuity.

Oh, absolutely. And that’s the whole point of this. It’s not a, like we said at the beginning, it’s not a, it’s not a set and forget. It’s a, it’s a practice. It becomes a practice. Buddha talks about the, um, relinquishment of desire and attachment, right? You kind of let go of the desire, desired outcome, and you focus on the actual journey itself.

It’s that part, and it’s how you show up in that, that makes all of the difference. Not a funnel, not a landing page, not an email, none of that stuff. It’s all about how

you show up. And I’m curious from you, what do you do to consciously raise your standard? Because I understand the process, but I’m very aware that oftentimes when we share insights on how we’ve created growth in our own life, we can actually make it seem simple and easy.

Because it actually is. But if you are not currently about that life and living that way, you can hear it and it’s sort of calling why I created that structure that I’ve told you about. No, K n o w. Believe and Live. What do you know to be true? What do you believe to be true and are you actually living it?

And this is sort of a self-auditing framework that I created for myself because I realized there were areas in my life where I knew things, I believed things, but I was not living them. .

That’s the power of being on this journey because you don’t know that. You don’t know. There are things outside of your sphere of view that you just can’t see.

And so I think when you operate in a connected way where you interact with others and you’re open to learning and seeing and questioning you, using that framework there, Rob, that. You just highlighted, that’s when you can begin to see different ways of doing things. And I think it’s through that journey, through that process that things open up for you because you don’t know that you don’t know.

And so the openness and the acceptance of help, guidance and ideas from others, I think that’s the starting point, isn’t it? Of asking, asking those really powerful questions cuz then you know where your bounds. Are currently from a beliefs perspective, whether true or not, we have these beliefs that hold us in a box, right?

And sometimes, sometimes it can be a big box, other times it can be a little tiny, cramped space that stops us from even moving around. So the ability to be self-aware enough to question that allows you to expand what is possible, and it’s that that makes all of the difference. It’s that that makes all of the difference.

Yeah, I completely agree, and I would consider that openness could also be called curiosity. That when you create a, or you create or adopt a growth mindset for yourself, then you start to say, Well, what else is possible? And I think about when someone said something to me that changed my life forever.

They said, Rob, if you ever hope to get paid to do it, you love, you better be doing it already. So then I was like, All right, what do I want to get paid to do? Talk about sports for a living. What are the things that I get to learn to help make that happen? And all of a sudden there’s an openness and a curiosity.

And then I started to read books, then I started to hire coaches. Then I started to be part of group programs with high performers and the openness and willingness and co. And I learned this, the hard way of trying to push a rock up hill to tell people who don’t want what I have that they should be doing.

You and I work with people who willingly want these things in their life because of the things that this allows us to create in ourselves and in the world

abs. And that’s the difference. It’s focusing on your. Your ability to show up in a way that is meaningful and important to you. And I think that’s different for each one of us, Rob.

And that’s okay. That’s part of our journey is to find out what that thing is for us. What’s that truth? What’s that purpose? And stay true to that. To hell with everybody else. You’re not doing it for those people who don’t want to hear the message, you’re doing it for your growth and, and through your.

You help others to grow as well. Everybody wins when you take that approach, you know? Yes, very much so. So let’s move on to the next power, and you mentioned this briefly, the power of belief. And when thinking about the creation of anything, to me foundationally, the belief that you have in yourself, in your brand, in what you are building is of paramount importance.

And for me, uh, I remember at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, 12 plus years. When I was looking at the statistics of small businesses that start, and it’s like 80% of them fail in the first year and 95% fail in the first three years or some absurd stat. And I sat there and I’m all in on my dreams.

Like the last thing that I want is to be a statistic related to my dreams. So I said, All right, one thing. That can guarantee I am not one of those, statistics is the word believe. Creating this belief in myself that I can do anything that I set my mind to in that if I want to create something, I can make it happen.

And this belief has been a non-negotiable for me, and it’s something that I feed myself every single day because nobody else is gonna feed it to me. That we have these one of one mindsets. We get the opportunity to create ourselves and build this belief in ourself, especially when times are tough.

The reality is whether you believe you can or you believe you can, you’re right either way.

So the the, the choice you have, the choice we all have is which one we’re going to believe, where we’re going to place our energy. And so doing what you are doing there, Rob, you are reinforc. Expansion that growth out you, that positive outlook, that choosing to believe in one side rather than the other.

And I think, I think we all have that choice. The difficulty in that I, I find is we go through the process of reinforcing, we do all of the rituals, the habits, the routines, all of these things. And the, the, the voice still comes. I have a little voice that comes up in my head and it’s like, Colin, who do you think you are?

You know, that voice comes up, but the power of the ritual, the habit, the reinforcement, the work that we do every single day means that it doesn’t have traction. It doesn’t have, it doesn’t have a grip on you. So without that work, That voice would be a roaring, loud thing in your ear that would literally freeze you and make you paralyzed and stop you from doing anything good.

Stop you from doing anything exciting or anything that changes people’s lives. And so I think it’s, it’s the counterbalance of what we do and what you talk about in what in your daily practice, Rob those. Reinforcing that positive belief when you have that store and that that strength, and it doesn’t just happen.

It’s something that comes with practice and with time. Um, that’s when, that’s when all of a sudden though, that voice kind of just quietens itself down and then it becomes, it’s just a, it’s, it’s always there. It never goes away. Right. But it’s just a whisper. It’s just a whisper. And we can choose to go, Hey, I see you.

I, I know what you’re trying to do. I love you and I know you’re part of me, but I’m doing this.

I believe this is one of the least talked about areas of personal growth. When I look and audit all of the content, all the influences, all the people who help everyone, why do we not hear more about the power of self-talk and that voice that comes up?

The reason why we do the work is because we know that voice is going to come up. So what are we going to? Everybody’s great when everything is great, right? Boom. We’re sitting there popping champagne, but it’s why one of my favorite quotes is prepare for what’s difficult when it’s easy, because I am someone who wants to be measured.

How I respond when times are the toughest, not when times are the best. So certainly as we continue to drill it back, drill it back, this now becomes our ability to be self-aware. To the internal voice that we have. Number one, what is that chatter? Number two, is it serving us or not? If it is not serving us, let’s discard it.

If it is, let’s continue to do more of it. But for some reason, I think this is an area that most people. Either don’t think about, don’t have this self-awareness of, or it’s just not of interest to themselves. I even look at my own learning journey and I don’t know if anyone was ever like, Rob, let’s start looking into your self-talk.

I think it’s, um, it’s a difficult one, isn’t it? Because when we look out into the world, we don’t. It’s quite, it’s quite, makes you quite vulnerable to talk about those things that are going on that are potentially pulling you backwards. And, and everybody likes to lead with their best face. You know, we meet, we smile, Hey, how’s it going?

Yeah, it’s going well. And we, and, and we see on the outside the things that we wanna show to the world. So we see the, the success we see the. Sales that you’ve got, the business that you’ve grown, we, you see these things and you see that at loads, loads of different levels, Rob, throughout society. And yet it, we don’t see the, the things that happen behind closed doors and often, often it’s those things that really make us who we are.

And I think it. I think it’s about time that people had the bravery and the courage to open the door on those things. Cuz that’s the reality. You might be sat on a, a multiple seven figure business, but the reality is you’re waking up with those same inner voices, those same things going on in your head, those you’re still wrestling exactly the same suite of emotions that the guy just starting out as Scott.

And, and, and that’s the reality of this. The only thing that changes is the, is the perspective. The experience is the same.

Isn. 100%. And it’s why I created my design, Your Best Self personal growth program to help us design the stories that we tell ourselves every single day. And calling this is gonna bring us to the next power, the power of language.

So we already believe in ourselves and we understand that self talk is a thing. So now what are we saying to ourselves? And Colin, I know both you and. Believe so much in the power of language because we can speak things into existence that allow us to manifest things and create anything that we want in our life.

But at the same time, we can speak things into existence that do not serve us. And I am someone who is a master of language and language is both hearing as well as speaking. And man, I am so. Aware of what comes outta my mouth and what comes out of everybody else’s mouth. And Colin, you of course experienced this working with me.

Even when you and I are creating together, I’m like, let’s be aware of what you say because we catch individual words and I believe the power of a language can change your life.

Words are energy, aren’t they? And so we’re putting that energy out in, in exactly that way, whether with, whether it’s thought energy, or whether it’s spoken energy, it’s, it’s all the same.

And like Peter Parker’s uncle said to him when he was dying on the street after he’d been shot, right? With, with great power comes great responsibility. And we, we all have that great power within us. The words that we use, the language that we say firstly to ourselves and then. The actual physical words that we speak out out to other people, they hold such great power in them.

And so, you know, Rob was first exposed to this concept when I read The Four Agreements by Don Mcg, Miguel Ruiz, You know, Be impeccable with your Word, The first of the four agreements. And I think having that understanding the, the things that you. Have such potency and potential to not just change your life, but the lives of people around you.

So to be mindful of how you choose that language and that framing, it’s part of the journey that we’re talking about. It’s part of how you show up and the choices that you make, the words that you choose to use, they dictate everything that follow. Everything that follows. So I think you’re right to put such store in the power of language, and it begins with you, doesn’t it?

It begins with that, that language that you use for yourself. I love in our conversations how you kind of, you bring that to my attention. You’re like, Hold on, Colin, let’s just look at the Lang. The word you use there, when you framed it that way and it’s like, Oh yeah, this is what you run about with the no framework, it’s.

All of a sudden now I’m aware that I’m using that language that’s keeping me in a box. So changing it changes the frame, changes everything, right?

So powerful need to enough should these words that aren’t serving us in, as I look at language and self talk. The reason this is so important is because it’s so easy to not do.

No one is gonna sit there and say, How dare you use that language? Except that’s actually why you work with someone like myself or Colin, because we do, because everyone’s story comes out in their language. But because it’s so easy to just speak whatever you want into the world or to have your thoughts, which you may believe unconsciously will pop.

That, Oh, I’ve got no control over either of those things. But imagine the world you can live in where you are so heightened to the awareness of both of those things where you’re now designing habits, routine systems and processes around building up your language, what builds up your self talk and improves the way that you speak into the world, which manifests more of what you want in your life, as well as helps others along on their journey.

Yeah. And that’s why I love, I love the work that you do, Rob, because you’ve really, you’ve, you’ve done your 10,000 hours in the trenches in that space. Learn, literally learning the hard way, how this stuff all works. And then there’s, it’s like there’s, um, I’ve been looking enough to see inside, to design your best self, right?

There’s, there’s a systematized way to handle this, to tackle this, to reframe. That, that negative talk into positive and to change the way that you use language to change the way that you frame things in your world through a very, a very like, practical way. I remember when I was in University, Rob studying, uh, business and marketing.

I’m reading these big, big ass textbooks, right? These big books with all these theories and like, like understanding the theory. Yeah, I get that. I understand it. I, I cons, I intellectually, , but then going to my dad’s shop, my dad run a retail shop at the time, going into my dad’s shop and being swore up by a customer or something.

Somebody trying to steal something out of the shop or some like the, the practicality, the reality of life in the mid my dad’s business. And it was like, These theories that I’m learning in this book have zero to do with real life. And I think that’s where, it’s interesting how you’ve systematized how we take this intellectual misunderstanding.

Yeah, I need to think better. I need to have a better mindset. I need to talk better language to myself and to others. And you’ve brought that into the reality of how we actually do it in the day to day. And I think just embracing that and, and doing it on the daily basis with consistency, that’s where.

Massive change can happen.

Colins actually get to not need to, which is actually per perfect. Go again, right? Perfect. For this, because that’s the thing. We think that we need to do these things. Cool. I need to do the things that Rob and Colin are talking about, but when you can frame them from need to, to get to, to small distinction, but you won’t hear the word need coming outta my mouth.

Get to get to get to, and it’s something that will change your life forever when you understand. The power that is there. And this is also simple and easy and pragmatic and, and it costs $0. And that’s what I love about all of this because remember Colin, this has been a 42 year journey and or a, uh, 12 year entrepreneur, self-aware growth mindset journey for.

So I was not always this person, which is actually a great thing because I know what it’s like to live three decades without these sort of perspectives. And then I know what it’s like to do the work over the last 12 years to create these perspectives and the light bulb moments that I’ve had. I’m always trying to help create for others in seeing that this can be easy.

This can be fun. This can serve you. It costs no money, so all you need to do, or all you get to do, which will bring us to the next power, is the power of intent because Colin, you and I are so intentional, but our language, our self-talk, our habits, our routines, the way we build our brand, the way we build our systems.

The way that we create our content, the way that we capture knowledge in our, uh, second brains, all of this. And there’s, there’s an amazing book called The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, which is just, if you have not read it, promise me you’re gonna read it. Cause it is so good there. And when you, when you show up intentionally in your life every single day, and you start to say, Right, well, let me actually.

Take what Robin Colin and are talking about, and I’m gonna slow this down and I’m gonna make it simple and easy. And at the end of the day, I intentionally wanna show up as the best version of myself every single day. And I want to create my best year ever. And I understand that this is a lifestyle, a mindset in a way of being.

It is all completely in my control. It costs $0. And I can have this whenever I want, including right this second because it’s actually just a choice. And when you intentionally see all of these things, And then you say, All right, I know it. I believe it, but how do I live it? We’ll get to consistency in a second, but call, and let’s talk about the power of intention, because as Tim Grover says, in relentless, all of these are number one.

There’s not like one’s more important. They’re all so important because when you show up and live your life intentionally, it is the game changer of all game changers. .

Well, it means you. You’re no longer rudderless, doesn’t it? Like a boat spinning around without the rudder going around in circles, never getting anywhere.

You’ve got a direction. You’ve got a reason. You’ve got a purpose. I love that quote. In, um, I first read it in Victor Frankel’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning, where Frederick Nitche says he has a why to live can bear almost. Anyhow, and I think when you are rooted in that purpose, that reason that the, the intention behind everything is.

Crystal clear. And so it makes the choices that you make in the practical very simple because you just hold up the things that are in front of you, the opportunities that are presented to you. You hold them up to your reason for being and if they match. Boom, we go with them. If they don’t, it’s super simple.

They’re discarded and, and never considered again. So acting intentionally really ties into that, that question of your north star, your why, your purpose, and when you are acting in, in accord with that, all of the other stuff just falls into play, doesn’t it? Everything like, like dominoes. They just like these perfectly go together, you know, Colin, and it all comes under one word that you.

Choices. Being intentional allows you to create better choices that serve you, to help you create more of what you want in your life. So one of the fallacies of personal growth is that we’re doing things every single day that we don’t like. It could not be further from the truth. We’d literally love every single second, including when we design discomfort and challenges into our life so that we can prepare for what’s difficult, when it’s is easy, and it’s a completely backwards mindset.

They’re like, Wait a second, you’re intentionally doing hard things. Yeah. I think about the workout I did this morning in my garage at six in the morning. Did I wanna do it? No. But it’s Monday and I start off the week every single week by doing a workout because this is the most important workout, cause it’s gonna set the tone for the rest of the week.

And every single workout that I do is the most important workout that I do because this is who I am. And this is about the power of intention because. What are the rest of the choices that I’m gonna make every single day or the rest of this day? I’m gonna make them from the lens of I’m the person who showed up and did a workout in my garage.

It’s 6:00 AM in the morning, and meditated and read for 30 minutes and journaled and did a podcast and spent time with my son. So now, when the world throws the inevitable fear, self-limiting beliefs in judgments, in comparison our way, You have the ability to say, I’m gonna choose my story. I’m gonna choose the language that I use.

I’m gonna choose the belief in myself. I’m gonna choose the most powerful version of myself. So I’m going to continue to do things that serve me all by choosing in so many people, like not being. Vigilant with their language and not being vigilant with their self talk. They’re not vigilant with their choices, and when you make one poor choice, it’s very easy to have that snowball.

Just go downhill and keep on building. Yeah.

And you know, e everything is a ch it boils down to the fact that everything is a choice. In every moment we have a choice. I love that Stephen Covey quote in the moment between stimulus and response, we have a choice. So something happens to you, somebody cuts you up on the road.

I’m, I’m dreadful for this, right? Somebody cuts me up on the road in the car and I’m like, I’m instantly like reaching for the horn to like, what you doing, get, getting angry. All of that. Uh, in that moment you have a choice. And I, I pr, uh, Michael Singer got me onto this, the guy that wrote The Untethered Soul, right in that moment, I try and practice breathing, like slowing down, you know, and, and, and choosing my response from it.

A place of intention and intention of love, of compassion, rather than allowing that emotion, anger, emotion, just to like, take over me. You know, That’s a, a bit of a, a. Odd example of how you can kind of play with it, but the principle of something happens and then you respond. The gap in the middle. That’s where the work’s done, Rob, isn’t it?

That’s where we play every day. Your choice to do that workout at 6:00 AM whether you’re feeling, feeling like it or not, doesn’t come into it. It’s your the intention which translates into the choice, which then feeds into the action.

Which brings us to the next power, the power of consistency. And Colin, when I first started working with you, I wanted to create a repeatable engine for my business and my content and my brand.

Someone comes into my world, I can deliver them value. And eventually that’s going to lead to someone work with me or me having impact in others’ lives. And at the same time, the consistency in who you are. And you just talked about it, you said, Uh, somebody cuts me off. I have a process. Huh. Consistency is oftentimes about the process that you have to create the thing that you want in your.

And one of the most recommended books that I have is The Power of Consistency by Welding Long. It completely changed my life and what he said in there, and I’m paraphrasing, you know why most people don’t live their dreams? Because they just don’t spend enough time going over their dreams. So the majority of the world will set a New Year’s resolution on January.

And for the majority of them, by January 31st, they’ve moved on and it wasn’t even a thing. And there’s gonna be a small percentage of people who make that happen. But then Colin, there’s the 1% of the 1%. You and I and the people listening and watching right now. Who understand that we have the ability to consistently, uh, create results in our life and create new goals and new growth and new everything by saying, all right, I understand that consistency is like compounding interest.

The more that I do something, yes, I win in the moment, right now, the short term, but if I look on the macro view, I’m going to be much happier, there’s gonna be more freedom, and I’m gonna create a life that I love with the power of consistency. It’s why I’ve been doing this stuff for 12 years nonstop, and it’s effortless for me because of the power of consistency and it’s aligned to my vision and who I am.

So then the last part is just take the action.

And that’s where the rubber meets the road, isn’t it, in taking the action because the intention without action. Is never gonna get you anywhere if you set an intention to lose 12 pounds, but never get yourself to the gym, never put your running shoes on and go out for a run.

Never do the action. You never, the intention will just fall away or it’ll disappear into the ether. So I think this is where having, having, uh, a system to be consistent and to build and reinforce those positive habits, it’s what we started. At the very beginning, right? Having that daily practice, that daily gratitude, that feeling in to the vision, really emotionally attaching yourself to the thing that you’re looking to achieve, and then having practical ways to actually see those things through, you know, on, on the day to day.

And that’s where I think the power of habit comes in. I love that quote from Aristotle. We are what we repeatedly do, so Excellent. Is, is an. It’s not an act, it’s a habit, right? So we, we, we do it by repetition, repetition, repetition. And I think that’s where a lot of people fall away because we all have these dreams, visions, hopes, and things like that.

But then quite often we get on the road towards those things. And it’s hard. It can be hard. It’s not the, the rosy green like unicorns and rainbows and butterflies that we expect it to be. Like you say, you gotta put the work in, you gotta, you gotta get up at 6:00 AM and do the workout. You know, and so I think that’s the, the, the difference then, is it twofold.

It’s the consistency of the habit. So it’s doing that workout at 6:00 AM or whatever the thing is that’s going to realize the goal. But at the same time, you’ve got to hold fast to the reason haven’t you. You’ve got to hold fast to the vision and the purpose behind what you’re doing, the intention behind it, and if you stay.

Um, emotionally attached to it. Napoleon Hill talks about this in Think and Grow Rich, Right? If you stay emotionally attached to that outcome that you’re looking to achieve, that’s the thing that will keep you driving forward and keep you consistent with the habits even when you don’t feel like it. It’s like,

remember the perfect mix, man?

Nothing great came from being comfortable. You just, when you’re in your comfort zone, you’re not great. So when you talk calling about, Oh, it’s hard. And what this brought up for me is someone may be thinking right now, Rob Collin, I am not dot, dot, dot. And this is gonna sort of put a bow on everything that we’ve talked about right there.

So when you think about consistency, the habits, routines, and the actions. Oh, I am not an athlete. I am not someone who reads. I am not someone who wakes up in the morning. I am not someone who can meditate. I can’t just sit there. So often people will find a way to speak who they are not. And for me, the second someone says, I am not, you now have my attention because you are about to tell me every single thing that I need to know about you because I am not, is a self-limiting belief and it is a created world that does not serve.

which is why we believe in the inverse. We believe of the power of language, of controlling and designing the story that we tell ourselves and showing up intentionally to then speak out loud the truth of who we really are. I am a force of attraction, and we do so every single day consistently because it continues to reaffirm who we are and create the power that is in us, which then allows us to manifest and create anything that we want in our life.


Wow. That was, that was a powerful, powerful, powerful, powerful. And it’s exactly, exactly that. It’s changing that language that we’re using internally and externally. I can’t, I’m not able to. And just reframing that Rob into the positive, isn’t it? When we lean into that and we lean into the energy of that, it’s invisible.

It’s not a, it’s not always f. We can’t always see it with the naked eye, right? So we have to feel into the energy of what that means, of that growth energy, of positivity that I am. Statements become so powerful.

Colin, I’ve enjoyed spending two years, one hour a week, every single day creating with you. Uh, I look at the growth of where I was to where I am right now.

And it brings such a smile on my face because I came to you saying, I wanna build a funnel for my podcasting course. And two years later I look and I’ve got, uh, a full blown coaching program with a digital platform, two group cohorts. I have more than just a funnel for the podcasting side of things. I’ve built out layers of my business in the structure, in the consistency to my.

That we co-created together, but you are there to be a champion for me, for me, and my dreams and my vision, and I want to thank you for that. And anyone listening or watching right now, if you’re someone who wants more systems and processes into the building of your brand, so as you look at, uh, creating organic content that drives back to your website, Email marketing and I guess what people would consider building funnels and things like that.

It’s the, this is the language that I’m gonna use cuz that’s the language that most people are probably going to use when they land to someone like you, Colin. But the work together with you is so much greater than all of that that you and I sometimes chuck. So often the thing that brings someone into our world isn’t actually the thing that they end up getting the result for because it becomes so much greater than I want to build a funnel.

But I had to make sure that I shared this for you, that you’ve had such a positive impact on my life and my brand. It’s why I wanted to bring you on, uh, because you’re amazing at what you do. And I’ve loved every minute that of creating with you.

Well, thank you so much, Rob. I’m, I’m honored and likewise, man, you, you, you have a, a, a gift and an energy that just lights me up every time we have a conversation.

I think it’s, it’s so, um, it’s joyful to see like your growth and how this is just impacting on people’s lives in a positive way. If we make those changes, we make the world a better place. We all sh I shine brighter. You shine brighter, the whole world shines brighter as a result. Very much so. So Colin, what I love to do is leave with an action item or a takeaway for the audience.

So someone’s listening right now and they’re like, Wow, that was awesome. But I always like to wrap a bow on things. So do you have an action item or a takeaway that you would like to leave with?

Ooh, what a cool question. Based on the subjects of what we talked about today. So how you lead this?

Yeah, someone’s listening right now and they’re like, Boom.

You’re like, Hey, I’m gonna leave you with this. Whether, Hey, this is really important. I wanna make sure that we mention this again. Or, Hey, now that you’ve listened or watched all of this, go do this with it.

Cool question. And I’m gonna say something probably a little bit different to what most people would do.

I’m not gonna give you at do 1, 2, 3, do this, that, the other. What what I would invite you to do is to take a. Close down your laptop, close your eyes, take a deep breath. Be with you for a moment and experience that curiosity that Rob talked about today. Not just experience it. Don’t just look for it. Feel it.

And when you feel it, stop. When you feel it. When you feel it, you know you’re there. And then open your eyes and see what the world will bring for you, man, there. There you go.

I love it. I’m, Yes. And. Uh, I would also recommend that you give yourself the gift of vision and what you would love to create. And sit there and just write down what is your best day look like?

What is a year from now? What does five years look from now? What is your dream? And most people, as we talked about with the power of consistency, never spend time actually going over their dream. So think about this in terms of your inner work and your personal growth. What would you love? How would you love to show up every single day?

Or think about this with your brand and your content, man? What is your vision of what you would love to create? Because I landed here in working with Colin because I gave myself the gift of dreaming and vision, both internally and externally.

Mm. And if you know, if it doesn’t make you, if it doesn’t make you almost giggle with excitement, right?

If it doesn’t do that, then you need to look deeper. Keep looking, keep looking until it’s something that really, really makes you like, brighten up from the inside out. Really makes you excited, Almost giddy like a child. That’s what you’re looking for. When you find that, then you know you’re onto something.

Never let it go. Never let it go. So, Colin, where can everybody connect with you?

Super simple.

And on social media, anywhere?

Yeah, so I’m on, I’m on um, Facebook, Instagram. I’m not massively active on social, but uh, yeah, you can connect with me on all of the main channels there, Rob.

And I wanna hear from you. Is there something that we said that caused you to think or take action? You can hit me up on all social media platforms at Rob Cressy. I would love to jam about you with this, jam with you about this. Or you can go to Uh, shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you.