Rob Cressy

Let’s Create Greatness Together

One on One Coaching For Growth Inspired Leaders

“The positive energy Rob Cressy brings to any situation, you can feel it. It’s part of his super power.”

-Colin Scotland

If I spend a session with Rob, how will my life be different?

  • You will see things that you have never seen before, about you, your life, and life itself.
  • You will feel a sense of immense love and gratitude for yourself and me.
  • You will experience aspects of yourself that prior to our session you were unaware of.
  • You will feel heard in a way that you may have never felt heard before.
  • You will elevate your conversation to a higher level.
  • You will want to spend another day together.

What is coaching with Rob like?

  • Being coached by Rob Cressy will fundamentally change how you think and act.
  • Rob is your greatest promoter & ally, and will have you believing in yourself all the way.
  • Rob will hold you to a standard in a way no one ever has.
  • Rob will help you make the internal adjustments. Creating new mindsets, stories, and ways of being that create unlimited possibilities and results.
  • Rob will take complex issues and make them simple.
  • Rob will lead you to take action.
  • Rob allows you to see the possibility of who you can become.

What are the coaching details?

  • Rob’s minimum agreement is six months, but most clients work with him for a year or more as the growth potential is unlimited.
  • Coaching sessions take place online and are 1-hour.
  • The investment for one on one coaching ranges from $10,000 to $50,000 and clients understand our work is priceless.

“If you do the work it really does create a better life and a better set of habits. It took me to the next level and gave me a healthier mindset.”

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