ChatGPT: The Future of Content Creation

In this episode of Best Year Ever, Rob Cressy discusses how ChatGPT from OpenAI is set to revolutionize the way content is created. He explains what ChatGPT is, how to use it, and the ways it will impact the future of content creation. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve and understand the role of AI in the world of content creation. Tune in now to learn why you need to start paying attention to ChatGPT right away.

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I just started using ChatGPT, and it is going to change the way that we create content forever. This AI tool has the potential to revolutionize the way that we create. What’s up? It’s Rob Cressy and I am Oh, so excited about what’s going on right now because. I feel like I just used the internet for the very first time when I experienced ChatGPT for the first time, and this is something that ding, ding, ding, major light bulbs should be going off for you right now because this is something that is going to revolutionize every single industry in the world.

It is that big and that impressive. What I want to do is share my thoughts on the future of content creation with ChatGPT, as well as the high level, the micro in the keys to using it. Uh, if you’re not familiar, let’s start at the beginning. What is ChatGPT? Uh, it’s artificial intelligence where you ask a Chat Bot a question and it gives you an.

And for me, this is the smartest AI that I have ever experienced in my life, and I haven’t really used anything for ai. This is sort of the new entry point for me, and I am blown away. It is literally the smartest thing you have ever seen in your entire life. You give it a question or a prompt and it gives you a detailed answer being the smartest computer or AI that you’ve ever seen.

That is literally how I would summarize it. How is this going to change the future of content creation? Let’s start with the big picture. The high level, the macro number one. This is going to change the copywriting industry because this is the best copywriter I have ever seen in my life. As I started to play with it, I immediately started to rewrite the headlines on my website, the copy on my website.

I would literally take what I currently. And I would paste it and I would say, rewrite this as it should be customer facing and value driven. And boom, it spits it right out there. And I was like, Hey, do this in one or two sentences. Boom. Very specific. The possibilities are endless for how this can be used for copywriting.

Immediately. I felt so much more confident in my website. Copy. Because there’s an artificial intelligence tool that is super duper smart, helping me write words that are in my voice, but in a more concise and value-driven manner. Number two, content creation. Because this tool is an expert content writer.

In a subject matter expert, it can literally spit out anything from a 100 character tweet to a 2200 word SEO optimized blog post with headings. On any topic that you choose. And as I started to go deeper or down this rabbit hole, like right away, people are originally using it for dumb stuff. Being like, oh, write a story in the, in the voice of Donald Duck.

I’m like, all right, cool. That’s, it’s nice that it can do this. I’m immediately thinking about this from a business standpoint and how I can help 10 million people and like create power and impact immediately. So I was. All right. I want you to write a 2200 word blog post, which is what, uh, Google wants between twenty one hundred and twenty four hundred words for a completely optimized SEO blog post.

I was like, cool. Let’s do 2200 words and write it on Xtop, and guess what? One minute later. The entire blog posters written, and I even got specific and I was like, I would like you to include headings in a summary at the bottom with a call to action. All of that was done in one minute and I was like, oh my God, this is something that would’ve taken me a week.

To create, and it’s not that I don’t know all of the content in there, it’s just the smartest thing in the world and can so easily spit all of this out. So I want you to wrap your head around the scalability of this, because no longer is volume of content or I don’t know how to create a barrier to entry.

This has completely changed the game where we all now have the ability in our fingertips in one minute. To create the best blog post that you’ve ever written in your entire life. And I’ll get more into some of the nuances, but that’s the high level of the content creation side. And logically, the next part that’s going to be impacted is search engine optimization, because this is going to change the way that SEO is done because marketers are immediately going to do exactly what I did.

All right, here are the top 20 keywords that I want to rank for. Boom. Spit me out of 2200 word blog post headings are this. Boom and giving it the exact criteria and it’s going to spit it. I want everybody to save the, but Rob Google’s gonna understand that AI is writing this and they’re gonna start penalizing your website.

That’s not what this video is about. Um, I’m not a subject matter expert into how Google dings AI written tools. This is something where we are literally in the first inning of this game. This is going to be an evolution. So being a wise marketer and creator, you’re going to want to keep your tabs on Google plus AI equals SEO and how that’s going to impact you.

And if you’re a smart marketer and creator, you’re not going to just use word for word everything that they create, um, which I’m going to get to in a second. So remember, this is high level here, not, Hey, let’s start throwing jabs at Rob for how Google’s gonna penalize. That’s not what this is. We’re showing the potential of how this is going to create and change content creation forever.

So now let’s get to the micro, the tactical. So we see on the big level how this is gonna change the future of content creation. But what about on our day-to-day as content creators and entrepreneurs and coaches and course creators? How in the world is this going to affect us positively? Number one, let’s start with the world of podcasting.

This is going to revolutionize the world of podcasting because it is going to make the barrier to entry of being a podcaster obsolete. Why? All right, let’s break it down into bullet points. Number one. Writing and editing a podcast script. If you have never done this before, you’re like, how in the world do I write a podcast script?

How do I create structure? Well, all you have to do is go in there with a topic. So you say, I want to write a blog post about baseball cards or a blog post. I’m wanna create a podcast about baseball cards. All right, cool. And you go into there, into ChatGPT, and you say, Write me a script about baseball cards that has five bullet points, and it’ll go, do, do, do, do.

It’ll say the invention of baseball cards, upper deck, the Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie card, and boom, it’ll give you the five bullet points there and you’re gonna go, whoa, this just summarized everything that was in my head. And by no means do you have to use exactly what it gave. But it just pumped out a little script for you.

So if you’re already a subject matter expert, you can say, all right, I’ve got this idea or this cadre of ideas in my head. Let me throw it in here so that it can summarize this into 3, 5, 7 bullet points. And the next level of this is, It can write your intro and your outro. You say, all right, my name’s Rob Cressy.

My podcast is Best Year Ever. I would like for you to write a two, two sentence intro for Best Year Ever, and a two sentence outro with a call to action, and it’ll go and you’re gonna go, whoa. And then boom. You can just literally speak that out every single. And this is so simple. So now all you need is your ideas list, your intro, your outro, and it’ll write the bullet points for you for the ones that you don’t like.

All right. I’m gonna switch this into here, switch this into here, all of that. Done. In less than a minute. Number two would be researching and gathering information on your topic. So let’s say you want to dive deeper into the world of self-awareness. For example, something from my world. And you’re like, all right, gimme vi five bullet points of what I can create a podcast for self-awareness.

Boom. Here’s each one of. And you’re like, all right, the first one says, um, how do you even find out about self-awareness in the first place? And you’re like, oh, I don’t even know where the origin of this is. Boom. Hey, ChatGPT. Can you tell me about the origin of self-awareness and where it came from?

Boom. It spits it out right there in two seconds. It’s done. So the thing that really exploded my brain is, I’m not gonna say this makes Google obsolete. But Google gives you all the results to sift through, whereas this gives you all of the answers that you’re looking for without having to sift through everybody else’s search results in all the ads.

All of a sudden you’re like, this is a bajillion times more powerful than Google. Hmm. All right. So now we have the ability to very quickly research the topics from the script that the AI wrote for. The next thing can be finding guests, and let’s not get all creepy here, trying to look for people’s addresses, but if you’re smart, you might be like, all right, who are the top 10 thought leaders around self-awareness who had a book that launched in the last year?

Oh, that’s pretty specific. All right. Once again, it did all the research for you. So all of a sudden it’s starting to replace these, uh, processes and tasks that are time and labor intensive. And when you’re a podcaster, who’s a thought leader? Time is your biggest asset. You’re like, listen man, I want this thing to be in and out fast and.

Imagine having the best process possible at your fingertips, so boom, absolutely amazing there. For podcasters, all of the same stuff applies for YouTubers as well with YouTube content creation because you could say, Hey, ChatGPT, I have this topic, and I would like for you to number one. Write my intro hook.

What is the one sentence that is going to capture everybody’s attention? And then number two, give me three bullet points to talk about. And then number last, gimme a call to action. And then from there, that’s where you use your knowledge, personality, and authenticity to speak on those things that you know about.

So once again, imagine creating your list of 20 ideas and then having it write the script for all 20 of those ideas. And then you say, cool, I’m gonna take this entire eight hours today and I’m gonna batch record all 20 of those videos. All the scripts are written. I already know all the information about this.

This gave me the structure. And ChatGPT is so good with structure. And for me, this is what I love because I know that I am amazing in so many different areas, but a lot of us lack clarity. We lack process. We lack structure. Cool. Let’s use AI to help integrate that and design that into our workflows.

And that’s where all of a sudden you as a content creator, it’ll just blow your mind. All right. The last micro thing I wanna talk about is course creation and community building. And as I said with the structure, one of the first things I immediately did was like, all right, let’s have this thing start building some more structure within the world and ecosystem that I build.

So I’ve got a personal growth program and community called Design Your Best Self. Which helps people, uh, create their best year ever and increase their health, wealth, love, and happiness so that you can do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. And we’ve got these big visions and there’s so many modules and all of these videos, and we’ve got, uh, Facebook communities and we’ve got digital content, and we’ve got weekly office hours and all of this.

And you want to optimize every single one of these areas in your business. And then you’ve got your sales page and your copy that’s on there, and you’ve got your newsletter and your blog posts and your YouTube channel on your podcast, and you’re like, Rob, that is so much. That sounds like a ton, and it is.

But guess what? Imagine if all of that could be easy, effortless, and simple. Because that’s what I’m experiencing right now for myself, creating all of that different stuff. So I was like, all right, ChatGPT, this is the world that I am building and have built so far. So I started to ask it some questions to create some clarity and some roadmap in my own world.

And remember, this thing is unemotional so we can use our big vision and use its lack of emotion and it being an expert at systems and process. To our advantage. So I was like, I would like you to build a hub and spoke content strategy around personal growth using blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos in a newsletter.

And it goes, boo boo boo, boo boo. In less than a minute now I was like, oh baby, we just opened up Pandora’s Box. So I was like, all right. I have a paid Facebook group where I want to create more engagement, and I don’t want it to take a ton of time. So I would like for you to build my community engagement calendar.

For the entire month of January by day, giving me a topic that I can talk arou about around personal growth every single day. And it goes, boo boo, boo boo, boo boo. In less than a minute. And I was like, oh my God. It just built my content strategy for me. And of course I’m gonna go in there and I can tweak what it’s gonna be by.

But the real light bulb went for me is that, uh, this was like paint by numbers. It created all of the numbers for me. And the ones that I don’t like, I’m like, get rid of, get rid of, get rid of. And I’ll just put in the things that I do like in my own. And you could even design this where you say, Hey, I’ve got half my content calendar filled.

Can you fill the rest of the days up? Boo boo, boo, boo boo. So it’s. So then I was like, this is amazing. We’ve just built the entire media company in hub and stroke strategy. We had just built the entire Facebook group engagement calendar. What I want you to do now, ChatGPT is build my schedule Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and 30 minute blocks, all dealing with building that entire strategy and that engagement calendar into my schedule every single day.

Boo boo boo, boo boo. One minute later it became my assistant and I was like, Oh my goodness. Once again, clarity and structure, I could look at that and say very easily. These are all of the things that I want to create in my business and in my community that are aligned specifically to tasks, newsletter, blog, podcast, video.

All of this different stuff and it put it in there for me in 30 minute blocks. Was this perfect? No. Did it vastly help me? Yes. This thing sped up. Hours, days, weeks, months, years of my business and entrepreneurship journey in using this. The first two hours. And then after that, literally I’ve been down a rabbit hole.

So much so that their servers are crashing. You can only get on half the time because once you experience this for the first time, it will blow your mind. Cause it’s blown my mind. It’s why I said this is going to change the future of content creation forever. So last but certainly not least, uh, I’m gonna share with you three keys to success to using this tool for content creation.

Number one, use this as the starting point, not the end result. And for me, I see this as a tool in my creator tool belt. I’m not going there to say, uh, I’m going to create a script, a k a, like a JavaScript that just starts pumping out a million blog posts that are seo. That’s not the world that I live in.

I’m a creator and I love the act of creating. So I could even take a video like this one and say, Hey, you know what? I want to create a video about the future of content creation for ChatGPT using ChatGPT, and it would go, boom, this, this, this, and this. I can build on top of it. So that’s how I encourage you to use it, because the one thing that it cannot do better than us is it is unemotional.

It has no emotion. I even asked it and it says I don’t have emotions. I was like, cool. That’s actually what we specialize in. So I can layer on top. Here’s the structure. Here’s our my and your heartbeat, shine, and boom, we go out there with the authenticity and we change the world with our messages. We shine our voice because we, if we have something inside of us that can help even one person, it is our duty to share it with the world.

So that’s how I’m using this as the starting point. And for a lot of this then becomes number two, revision. So I’ve created my courses, my podcasts, my landing pages. So I’m going through there and I’m like, all right, how can I optimize everything that I’m doing? Uh, I’m a great writer. Am I a classically trained copywriter?

Designed for landing page optimization and conversion? No. This tool is, boom. I’m doing that to look at the language and I’m like, man, I feel so much more confident about my offering. All right. Next thing know what questions to ask the AI and be very specific. So as I mentioned, a lot of people are using this for dumb stuff.

Uh, write a story for blah, blah, blah, using Daffy Duck. All right? That’s cool. But we as content creators can say, I want you to create X for me in this voice. I am witty, brand safe, not blue friendly. You can have a drink with me at the bar. All right? In this voice, I want you to create a LinkedIn post that is 500 words about how content creators are using ChatGPT.

And it’ll say, boom, it’ll spin it out one minute later. Oh, we know that LinkedIn is more business professionals and they like blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So this is what we re. Boom, just like this. So there’s ways of taking the thoughts in your head and your voice and designing what it spits out by specializing in the criteria and the questions.

So as I’m using it more, I’m actually creating a document of queries that, um, I know to use over and over again, like one of them that I saw that was really good. Dot, dot, dot and tell it to me as if I’m five years old. So you can take a super complex, um, question or topic. Explain to me the d n helix as if I’m a five-year old, boom and summarizes that thing.

Why is that important? Cuz us as creators and coaches and entrepreneurs and thought leaders, so often we think some way and it’s very natural and obvious for us. Imagine dumbing down the language so much that anybody could understand it. Ooh, there is so much power in that. So the last thing, keep on refining.

So once again, what it spits out is not perfect, but if you know the areas where it is a subject matter expert, huh? All right, I’m gonna put in a business. I’m gonna go on to put it in a position to succeed by knowing what it is great at, where it is credible, where it is a subject matter expert. All right.

Once it spits something out, then I’m going to keep refining going a layer deeper, a layer deeper, a layer deeper. The whole hub and spoke content strategy model really opened my eyes to this because I just kept drilling and drilling and drill. So like some of the keys were, uh, I used value proposition. I was like, what’s the value proposition?

What’s the value proposition? What’s the value proposition of having a paid Facebook group where we played growth games? Boom. It’s super specific. So now I’m better understanding the value proposition of what I do by asking it to summarize it for me. Refining, refining, refining. So now value propositions in my document next to as told to a five year old.

And as I’m pulling these queries and these low nuggets, I’m learning how to get better with this. And as you can hear from the, my energy and the passion of my voice, This is going to change the world. I’m so excited about this. As I said, I feel like I just used the internet for the first time ever, where your mind is blown, like I can’t believe this is actually free, at least, and I’m recording this on December 13th, 2022 at 12:26 PM Eastern.

And certainly this is going to evolve, but this is in the beta and it’s only been like one week in the amount of users that have joined already is just mind blowing. And this costs no money. Like literally, this is the biggest subject X matter expert I’ve ever seen in my entire life. So, um, if you’ve made it this far, congratulations, you’re my person.

Number one. Say, what’s up in the comments? Let me know what you think about this. How is this going to change the future? Of content creation and being a creator. And number two, I would love your thoughts in general. How have you been using this? Uh, what are the queries that you are using to create more of what you want?

And are you cataloging this and documenting this? Because for me, I’m saving all of my stuff and Evernote because there is so much golden wisdom in there. So dropping in the comments. Other than that, uh, would love for you to subscribe to this channel. I do a ton around. Being a master creator, and we create two ways.

One, personal brand podcast video, being a content creator. Number two, personal growth. Our mindset, our heart set, the ways that we show up as the best version of ourselves every single day to create more of what we love in the world. This is a tool. Remember this to help us be more powerful, but you are the number one asset in the world.

Uh, you can hit me up on all social media platforms at Rob Cressy Instagram. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok. I love getting down with people who like to get down. Sending tons of good vibes your way. Hope you have yourself an amazing rest of the day.