Rob Cressy

Level Up Your ChatGPT Skills In One Hour Without Having To Figure It Out On Your Own

Book a 1-hour ChatGPT Coaching Session with Rob Cressy and start leveraging AI like a Pro

What will I learn during the ChatGPT coaching session?

  • How to create powerful prompts
  • Pro tips for getting started
  • How to make ChatGPT outputs sound like you
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • How to do more with less faster
  • Get your questions answered

If I spend a session with Rob, how will my life be different?

  • You will become better at ChatGPT than 99% of people in the world.
  • Your mind will be opened to new ways for how to leverage ChatGPT & AI.
  • You will have confidence in your ability to use ChatGPT.
  • You will be excited about new possibilities and ways to create growth.
  • You will want to spend another session together.

What is coaching with Rob Cressy like?

  • Being coached by Rob Cressy will fundamentally change how you think and act.
  • Rob is your greatest promoter & ally.
  • Rob will take complex issues and make them simple.
  • Rob will lead you to take action.
  • Rob allows you to see the possibility of who you can become.

What are the ChatGPT coaching details?

  • ChatGPT Coaching session takes place online via Zoom and is 1-hour.
  • The investment is $500
podcast coach Rob Cressy

Meet Your AI Coach, Rob Cressy

Within the first minute of using ChatGPT I felt like I had just discovered the Internet for the first time.

Immediately I knew this was going to change the world, and since that moment in November 2022 I have been all-in on leveraging the tool for business growth.

When the rest of the world was excited to "create a blog post that sounds like Daffy Duck" I was using my entrepreneurial skills to figure out "how to turn $1 into $1.50."

I see millions of dollars and business growth at my ability to ask ChatGPT the right questions, and in the process gain a massive competitive advantage.

I am a world class coach & master creator who loves helping people & businesses grow and create positive impact in the world.

Let's create greatness together!