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A Creators Playground: The Next Level

Being a more powerful creator is about filling up multiple buckets of your life, not just business success. Built For The Game gives you a playground where you can learn, engage, and grow around:

  • Self Improvement & Mindset
  • Elevating Your Well-Being
  • Lifestyle Design
  • Creating Positive Habits & Routines
  • Building Your Brand
  • Content Creation & Podcasting

The way you create & grow is an extension of who you are. Having a place where you can work on all those things at the same time becomes a cheat code.

Your Tribe Is Your Vibe.

We Are With You.

Creating growth in your life can be fun and easy. It starts with being surrounded by like minded creators who have similar ambitions as you. To elevate who they are and to create more of what they want in life.

Our community is filled with Good Vibes and has a no negativity policy. Because we want to create the right environment for your potential to grow.

You might not currently have many people in your life who are on a growth journey like yours. We understand and welcome you with open arms. It feels good to be around others who radiate on a high level.

“You 100% will be an improved person, a better person. You'll be happier for it, and so will the people around you. ”

On Demand Content Library & Resources

Included in your membership is access to world class trainings, workshops, and resources. Best of all, we've made them short form and easy to consume so they are simple to take action on.

podcasting resources

Launching Podcasts Course

Easily launch a podcast by following our proven blueprint for success. Includes short video lessons, straightforward action items, and a library of podcasting resources.

Design Your Best Self Course

Optimize your time, energy, and well-being with Design Your Best Self. Our life optimization and personal growth program.

google sheets habit tracker

Google Sheet Habit Tracker

Take your growth and accountability to the next level with our Google Sheets Habit Tracker. Fully customizable and easy to use.

Easy Social Strategy

Want to grow your brand & build an audience? Easily create a written social media strategy that's aligned with your brand messaging and goals.

Become A Prolific Creator

Our Prolific Creator workshops will level up your mindset & action for how to become a Prolific Creator. That way you can spend more time doing what you love.

Goal Setting & Yearly Planning

The bigger the dreams the deeper the foundation. This resource will help you set your vision for the year ahead like a champion.

Rob Cressy

Meet Your Leader,

Rob Cressy

  • I am a Champion for you.
  • Because I am a supporter of your dreams.
  • Because I help you see possibilities you can't see for yourself.
  • Because I want you to feel joy inside.
  • Because I genuinely care and want to see the best for you.
  • Because I love when you succeed and look great.
  • Because I am your rock. The support to help you get to where you want to go.
  • Because you need someone who can help map your course, or reroute your path, or create shortcuts.
  • Because I am committed to helping you get there faster, easier, and more efficiently.
  • Because I take excuses off the table.
  • Because I get you the inches that separate good from great.

“You talking about creating harmony & consistency in your life has been significantly more impactful for them than just the practical knowledge."

Built For The Game: What's Included?

  • Engaging Weekly Creating Sessions: live coaching and Q&A every Thursday at 12 pm (EST) to ignite your growth.
  • Access to Rob's on-demand library of trainings & resources
  • A Good Vibes Community to create & grow with you
  • Private Built For The Game Facebook group

Inspired Members Wanted

Growth-minded. Always learning. Curious. Driven. Committed to excellence. Willing to put yourself out there.

If that sounds like you, and if you've been looking for a community to share your journey with then we'd love to welcome you into Built For The Game.

This community is not for you if...

  • You don't have enough time
  • You are not committed
  • You are a spectator
  • You are negative
  • You aren't on social media

This community is for you if...

  • You want to create growth in your life
  • You want to be the person you were created to be
  • You want to be surrounded by positivity
  • You are committed to doing the work
  • You want to build your brand

Who can you relate to the most?

The Creator

You are a podcaster, author, or speaker. You've got something to share with the world and want to create a positive impact on others.

The High Performer

You are an entrepreneur, coach, or executive that shows up every day striving to be your best. You know there's room for improvement and that excites you.

The Good Viber

You are driven by love, happiness, and connection. You want to better yourself and be around other like minded people who are mindful and spread positivity.

Here's What Some Of My Clients Have To Say

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Weekly Live Group Creating Sessions
Access to Rob Cressy's course catalogue ($5000 value)
Access to pre-recorded workshops ($500 value)
Growth Games & Challenges
Private Facebook Group
Peer Support & Collaboration
Programming designed to help you take action on what matters most

“Rob helped me unlock new potential that I never even knew I had”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the details on the Weekly Creating Sessions?

The Live Creating Sessions take place every Thursday at 12 pm (EST)/11 am (CST) on Zoom and last for an hour.

They are a combination of live coaching and Q&A to support your growth.

We will also record them to post in the digital platform.

What if I don't have much time?

Every member of Built For The Game lives a full life.

Built For The Game is designed to be a resource, not another item on your to-do list.

If you invest time leveraging the resources & on-demand trainings you'll get the most out of it. But if you simply use Built For The Game as a place to get inspiration, overcome obstacles, or become a more powerful creator, you're going to get a lot out of it.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, a Winning Guarantee. If you don't feel like we provided value & helped you win, I'll write you a check for $199 the day you tell me we suck.

How long do I have access to the Digital Platform?

You get access to the Digital Platform as long as you are an active member.