Rob Cressy

8 core values that are foundational to who Rob Cressy is.

Radiate Positivity

In everything I do. Negativity isn’t going to get me closer to where I want to go so there is no place for it in my life. Energy is also transferrable so it’s an opportunity to spread joy.

Always learning

It’s part of having a growth mindset, seeking constant improvement, and being forward thinking. When you learn something daily you ensure that you are better today than yesterday.

Extreme Ownership

It is about being accountable for everything in my world. Taking responsibility for all the decisions I make.


This pillar of improv is centered around support and building upon others ideas. It helps foster collaboration and effective communication.

Live in action

In all areas of my life. 1 is always greater than 0. Take one step, publish one post, do one anything.

Be Relentless

In the pursuit of excellence and what sets my soul on fire.

Do what’s right

I learned this from my Dad as every time I would leave the house he would say “do what’s right”. It’s about having integrity of my self and my actions.

Talk with candor

Being open, honest, and coming from a place of integrity and trust. I do this because that’s how I would want to be told something.

Describe Rob

Trustworthy | Genuine | Supportive | Caring | Loving | Feels Like Family

Rob's Day

Graphical representation of the typical events within Rob's day